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33 Starter Projects

Here's a list of starter projects you can use to jumpstart your use of Eleventy. I've selected these based on recency of updating, traction that they appear to have as subjectively determined by the number of Github stars on their respective repos, and the clarity of their READMEs.

You'll also find links to eleventy billion more starter projects on the 11ty docs site.

With Zach's recent move to CloudCannon, I thought I'd share a link to a blog post by David Large of CloudCannon. Davis lists 11 Top Eleventy Blog Themes (Starters) in 2023. The post is from December 2022, but close enough.

And if you're new to Eleventy, you'll find links to more than 40 blog posts in the Getting Started section of this site.


🌈📓 Eleventy Blog with Rainbow Mode powered by Chromagen 🎨💥 -...


✅ A multilingual, clean, green 11ty starter theme. - scottsweb/elva


(WIP) Eleventy starter that use Typescript, PostCSS, Tailwind, WebC, Fontawesome, Decap CMS, Webpack...


A minimalist bare-bones starter project using Eleventy and WebC. - 11ty/eleventy-base-webc


A starter repository for a blog web site using the Eleventy static site generator. -...


Contribute to adamstddrd/grease development by creating an account on GitHub.


💊 Nulite is a simple, elegant, minimalistic stater project for Eleventy to help you create a simple...


A simple starter project to create a blog using Eleventy and Tailwind CSS - daflh/vredeburg


A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy - TryGhost/eleventy-starter-ghost

Polyglot Tech Blog

Polyglot Tech Blog


Template for using Reveal.js with 11ty. One click deployment with GitHub pages -...


Eleventy starter based on the workflow suggested by Andy Bell's -...

Multiplicity - RSS Aggregator Starter Based On Eleventy

Simple and elegant RSS aggregator site based on Eleventy - lwojcik/eleventy-template-multiplicity

Bliss - Blog Theme For Eleventy

Single-column blog template for Eleventy focused on simplicity without sacrificing functionality -...


A blog starter template with 11ty and Simple.css. Contribute to lkhrs/eleventy-simple development by...


A 11ty starter, PWA, Tailwind Css, SEO... Contribute to MarcoMicale/Minimalism development by...


A starter template for the TEA stack (Tailwind, Eleventy, Alpine). - mattwaler/tea-stack

Eleventy Satisfactory

Content-first eleventy blog template with basic layout and various features -...


An heavily opinionated Eleventy template project with Sass - nhoizey/pack11ty

Eleventy Notes

A simple, lightweight, and flexible note-taking template for Eleventy.


Deeply customizable, full-featured, ready to publish blog template built with 11ty, TailwindCSS, &...


Starter site for creating a responsive image gallery using the Eleventy static site generator -...


A simple landing page built with 11ty and Tailwind CSS. - ttntm/11ty-landing-page


A clean and fast Eleventy Starter Project with Vite - matthiasott/eleventy-plus-vite


Eleventy Starter kit for a portfolio site. Contribute to GoOz/Niepce development by creating an...

11ty Resume Template

An online resume template. Contribute to learnwithgurpreet/11ty-resume-template development by...


Eleventy Duo is a minimal and beautiful Eleventy theme for personal blogs. - yinkakun/eleventy-duo


A template project to quickly build an Eleventy project using Alembic -...


A basic Eleventy site for displaying a resume. Contribute to devon-wolf/resume-template development...


A customizable, responsive image portfolio website template, built with Eleventy and Tina CMS -...

Campus Spark

Contribute to CloudCannon/campus-spark-bookshop-template development by creating an account on...


A starter project that demos configuring 11ty for multi-site support - davidwkeith/11ty-multisite

Eleventy ESM Minimal

Very minimal Eleventy 3.0 starter, using ESM. Contribute to madrilene/eleventy-esm-minimal...

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