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8 posts by Sia Karamalegos

Building a Serverless E-commerce Store with Stripe, Netlify, & 11ty

A lot of e-commerce solutions exist, but many of them charge a monthly fee. How could we build a...

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An In-Depth Tutorial of Webmentions + Eleventy

Join the Indie Web by adding Webmentions to your serverless Eleventy static site with this...

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Webmentions + Eleventy Talk

Slides and resources from my talks at JamStack Toronto and Magnolia JS.

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Itsiest, Bitsiest Eleventy Tutorial

Want to get started with Eleventy but feel overwhelmed? Try out this pared-down tutorial

Categories: Getting Started  

Faster YouTube embeds in Eleventy

Use lite-youtube-embed in Eleventy for faster and more privacy-minded video

Categories: YouTube  

Optimize Images in Eleventy Using Cloudinary

Learn the fundamentals behind responsive images and how to set them up in Eleventy using Cloudinary...

Categories: Images  

Architecting data in Eleventy

Setting and using data in the static site generator Eleventy

Categories: Data Cascade  

Show conditional Twitter intents with Eleventy

Encourage users to retweet or share a post based on whether a Tweet already exists for your blog...

Categories: Social Media