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22 posts in 'Social Media'

Making a lighthouse-fast website with a static site generator like 11ty

Creating an SSG flow to generate a highly optimized static website.

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Blog comments via Mastodon

After half a year of pondering, I finally wrote a bit of code to add comments to my blog via...

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Fetching webmentions with Netlify and Eleventy Edge

Sadly, I'm not too good at documenting what I'm sometimes building in the little free time that I...

Categories: Deployment  How to...  Social Media  

Another Eleventy content syndication path

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

Categories: Social Media  

Automate and syndicate content from Eleventy to Mastodon

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

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Take your 11ty build from 1 second to 2 minutes by generating OG images

I tried to generate OG images during build and it ended up taking a long time

Categories: Images  Social Media  

Building a Mastodon Bot Listing Page in Eleventy

How I built a page to show off my Mastodon bots.

Categories: How to...  Social Media  

Static Mastodon toots in Eleventy: the Tailwind CSS edition

For users of my favorite JS-based SSG, here’s an Eleventy version of the Tailwind-based...

Categories: CSS/Sass  Social Media  

Configure Eleventy to Host a Custom Mastodon Alias

Ramblings on bacon, drawing, and technology

Categories: Social Media  

Static embeds in Eleventy

In what could and perhaps should be the end of this saga, here’s code to provide static tweets and...

Categories: How to...  Social Media  

Adding Social Share Links in Eleventy

A quick example of adding social sharing links to your Eleventy site

Categories: How to...  Social Media  

Updated social sharing (open graph protocol) images for my personal site

Using the large social sharing images added nothing to the information being published so I've...

Categories: How to...  Social Media  

Filter Titles for RSS and Social Shares

Replace characters that are often stripped out of post titles by RSS readers and social network link...

Categories: Filters  How to...  Social Media  

Improving my automated open graph image process w/ Eleventy

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: How to...  Images  Social Media  

Eleventy 1.0

In the changelog, I’m documenting modifications to this site that might be of interest, but are not...

Categories: How to...  Images  Social Media  

Setup social sharing previews, SEO, and favicons on Eleventy

This is part four of how I used 11ty to setup my personal site. This is how I setup open graph...

Categories: How to...  Images  Social Media  

Generating Social Sharing Images In Eleventy

Standing on the shoulders of giants makes it possible to generate social sharing images with very...

Categories: How to...  Images  Social Media  

Automated Open Graph images with 11ty and Cloudinary

I wanted to find a way to dynamically generate a unique Opengraph images for each blog post...

Categories: How to...  Images  Social Media  

Twitter Cards with Nunjucks and 11ty

Using cards makes sharing your content on Twitter look much nicer.

Categories: How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  Social Media  

Show conditional Twitter intents with Eleventy

Encourage users to retweet or share a post based on whether a Tweet already exists for your blog...

Categories: Social Media