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Eleventy WebC in a nutshell

Categories: Configuration  Layouts  Plugins  WebC  

VSCode Pasting 11ty Images

Creating content locally like a hosted editor

Categories: How to...  Images  Markdown  Plugins  

Using 11ty to bring back tag clouds

Tag clouds are a good way of seeing what kind of posts are floating around in your blog, lets bring...

Categories: Filters  How to...  Plugins  

A new technique for image optimization: SVG short circuiting

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

Categories: How to...  Images  Plugins  

Automatically optimize your images with Eleventy Image and CloudCannon

Websites are becoming increasingly visual and we're adding more and more image content to our sites...

Categories: Images  Performance  Plugins  

Better word counts and reading time in Eleventy (11ty)

A short tutorial on how to count words and determine the reading time using Eleventy.

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

How to find backlinks using Eleventy (11ty)

A short tutorial on how to find backlinks (pages that link to the current page) using Eleventy

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What I learned making

A single purpose site that gives you all of the top level domains in one handy list.

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The online journal of Ashur Cabrera.

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Added Content Stats to Eleventy Plugin Post Statistics

This post describes some new enhancements to my Eleventy Plugin Post Statistics plugin.

Categories: Plugins  

Eleventy Plugin: Green Links

A small Eleventy plugin I built at the end of February 2023.

Categories: Plugins  

Code for copying code: the Eleventy edition

Here’s a workaround for including “copy” buttons in code blocks built by Prism-based...

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

Why I built my own Vue plugin for Eleventy

Why and how I built my own Vue plugin for Eleventy.

Categories: Configuration  Plugins  

First Experience Building with Eleventy's WebC Plugin

My first attempt working with Eleventy's new Web Component plugin

Categories: Plugins  WebC  

Manage your SVG files with Eleventy's render plugin

Using renderFile to keep things tidy

Categories: Images  Plugins  

11ty second 11ty: The Render Plugin Part 1

The Render plugin is comprised of two shortcodes for use in your Nunjucks, Liquid or JS templates....

Categories: Plugins  YouTube  

Optimizing Images with the 11ty Image Plugin

While imagery can enrich your content, it can also slow down your site if it's not used responsibly....

Categories: Images  Plugins  

Let's Learn Eleventy (11 Part Series)

For the past couple of weeks I have been exploring Static Site Generators (SSG) in an effort to...

Categories: Getting Started  Plugins  

Using the Eleventy Image plugin without a central image folder

Eleventy’s official image pre-processing plugin assumes you have a single folder with all your...

Categories: How to...  Images  Plugins  

Nicer Image URLs with eleventy-plugin-remark and remark-images

Website and blog of Florian Eckerstorfer, a web developer living and working in Vienna, Europe. He...

Categories: Plugins  

The new Eleventy Vite Plugin

YouTube video

Categories: Plugins  YouTube  

Eleventy + Vue 3

Tips and tricks for using Vue 3 Single File Components as templates for Eleventy.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Plugins  

Eleventy + Lit

Simple. Fast. Web Components.

Categories: Plugins  

Mix and match template syntax in Eleventy using the render plugin

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

Categories: Plugins  

Eleventy 1.0 - Global Data via Plugins Example

A followup on my post concerning Eleventy's new addGloblData feature

Categories: Global Data  Plugins  

An Adobe PDF Embed Plugin for Eleventy

Eleventy users can now add a PDF Embed plugin to their sites

Categories: Configuration  Global Data  How to...  Plugins  

Eleventy plus Vite = elite

Re-bundling, but without the pain of webpack.

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

Building a Database Driven Eleventy Site

Using a database (MySQL) to drive content for an Eleventy site

Categories: Global Data  Pagination  Plugins  

Building a Simple Image Gallery with Eleventy

Using the Image plugin with Eleventy to build a simple gallery

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Images  Plugins  

Eleventy plugin for generating social images (using SVG)

How I created an eleventy plugin to automatically generate social-images for your website and blog...

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

My year of Eleventy plugins

Exactly one year ago today, I published my first Eleventy plugin. Here are some of the things I’ve...

Categories: Plugins  

Eleventy plugin for efficient CodePen embeds

Embed Pens into your 11ty website by using a ShortCode. It directly embeds an iFrame for...

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

RSS, a love letter and walkthrough for my Eleventy site

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: How to...  Layouts  Plugins  

Configuring responsive and optimized images with Eleventy

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: How to...  Images  Plugins  

@fec/eleventy-plugin-remark v2.0.0 released

I released @fec/eleventy-plugin-remark v2.0.0

Categories: Plugins  

Create a Plugin for 11ty (video)

YouTube video

Categories: Plugins  YouTube  

Embed Everything

I recently released a plugin for quickly embedding media in Eleventy sites. I think it has...

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

Adding Text Linting to Eleventy

An example of using Eleventy's Linter feature

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

Creating an 11ty Plugin - SVG Embed Tool

In the sites I’ve built with Eleventy (11ty) recently, I’ve found myself reusing a couple filters....

Categories: How to...  Plugins