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Global Data Files — Eleventy

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Programmatically importing your listening data to ListenBrainz

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  How to...  Remote Data  

Using Wordpress as a headless CMS for Eleventy

How I avoided having to re-learn PHP and love Eleventy.

Categories: CMS  Global Data  Navigation  Pagination  Remote Data  Search  

Scratch that...use the Google Sheets API

Just generating a json file from Google Sheets was not good enough. I had to use the API.

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  Netlify  Remote Data  

11ty Second 11ty: Global Data files (JS and JSON)

In these two videos, we take 110 seconds each to discuss how to use 11ty's Global Data files to pull...

Categories: Global Data  How to...  

Reading Comic Books in the Jamstack

Adding support for digital comic books to your Jamstack site

Categories: Global Data  How to...  Images  

Dynamically choosing a data file to use in Eleventy templates

What if I need _data/stuff.json sometimes and _data/thing.json other times?

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  

Configuring Web Fonts in 11ty with Global Data

Rather than using static font-face declarations for web fonts, you can take advantage of global data...

Categories: Global Data  How to...  

Eleventy 1.0 - Global Data via Plugins Example

A followup on my post concerning Eleventy's new addGloblData feature

Categories: Global Data  Plugins  

Eleventy 1.0 - New Option for Global Data

A look at a new way to create global data for Eleventy 1.0 sites.

Categories: Global Data  

Using PDFs with the Jamstack - Building a Document Viewer

Using Adobe PDF Services to build a document viewer for your Jamstack site

Categories: Global Data  How to...  

An Adobe PDF Embed Plugin for Eleventy

Eleventy users can now add a PDF Embed plugin to their sites

Categories: Configuration  Global Data  How to...  Plugins  

Page Level URL Fetching with Eleventy

Making a network request on a page with Eleventy

Categories: Front Matter  Global Data  How to...  Remote Data  

Generate Page Content From a Global Data File Using Eleventy

There are many great features to choose from when building websites with Eleventy. One feature in...

Categories: Global Data  

Creating an 11ty collection from a JSON API

Using 11ty Global data files, you can make collections from JSON APIs, allowing you to make whole...

Categories: Collections  Global Data  How to...  

Creating pages from data with Eleventy

Eleventy has the ability to generated multiple pages from a structured data source, either static...

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  

Building a Database Driven Eleventy Site

Using a database (MySQL) to drive content for an Eleventy site

Categories: Global Data  Pagination  Plugins  

Using PDFs with the Jamstack

Using the Adobe PDF Embed API to view PDFs on your Jasmstack site

Categories: Global Data  How to...  Pagination  

I Finally Understand Eleventy's Data Cascade

Where does Eleventy get all of its data? Which data overrules other data? I've documented my whole...

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  

Site Metadata

A useful technique to manage site metadata (title, description, url, etc) for ease of retrieval...

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  

Accessing Eleventy Data on the Client Side

Accessing Eleventy data files in your JavaScript code

Categories: Front Matter  Global Data  How to...  Remote Data  

Using Airtable with Eleventy

A long-winded look at getting Airtable data into Eleventy.

Categories: Global Data  How to...  Remote Data  

Using Eleventy data files for frequently used links

Have a set of frequently referenced links? A global data file can come in handy.

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  Remote Data  

Migrating from Node and Express to the Jamstack - Part 1

A look at how you can migrate from Node to the Jamstack

Categories: Global Data  Migrating to Eleventy  Pagination  

Building a website with a static site generator, part 2: Eleventy

In this post, we're gonna take a deeper look into Eleventy which takes care of building the website...

Categories: Blogging  Getting Started  Global Data  Layouts