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A roundup of recent updates to my website

Where i describe the recent updates to the kinds of content you'll find on my website

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11ty RSS Activepieces

A look at enhancing 11ty POSSE with RSS 2.0, Open Graph, and Activepieces

Categories: RSSSocial Media

Creating a complete RSS feed

This article is about: How I created a complete RSS-Feed

Categories: BloggingHow to...PluginsRSS

Feedbin is rendering my RSS feed wrong, let's fix it!

Feedbin is removing the wrong elements, so let's make up for it on our own

Categories: FiltersHow to...RSS

Including RSS Content in your Eleventy Site - Part 2

A follow up to my post on using RSS data with Eleventy sites

Categories: How to...Remote DataRSS

Including RSS Content in your Eleventy Site

A quick example of using RSS content for an Eleventy page.

Categories: Remote DataHow to...RSS

Filter Titles for RSS and Social Shares

Replace characters that are often stripped out of post titles by RSS readers and social network link embeds

Categories: How to...Social MediaFiltersRSS

Create an 11ty collection from any RSS feed

Using 11ty global data files, we create an 11ty collection from an RSS feed. As an example, we show the latest YouTube videos on our website

Categories: Remote DataCollectionsHow to...RSS

RSS, a love letter and walkthrough for my Eleventy site

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

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Eleventy: RSS Feeds and Front Matter Data

Getting front matter data into my Nunjucks RSS feed templates.

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