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9 posts by Bob Monsour

Refactor by shortcode

I decided to take on some overdue refactoring of the site. Here's what I did.

Categories: FiltersHow to...Nunjucks/MacrosShortcodes

Slashing by caching

I've reduced the build time for the 11ty Bundle site from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. Here's how.

Categories: FiltersHow to...Performance

Adding webmentions to my site

I had told myself that I wouldn't do this...but, seeing them on other people's sites changed my mind.

Categories: FiltersGlobal DataHow to...Social MediaWebmentions

Adding pagefind to my Eleventy personal site

I've been wanting to add search functionality to this site for a while. Pagefind made it simple.

Categories: How to...Search

Generating the Firehose page on the 11tybundle site

Here's how the Firehose page of the site is built.

Categories: CollectionsHow to...Remote Data

Pagination in a Javacsript template with Eleventy

Here I use a javascript template to generate json data files for selected categories of the site.

Categories: How to...Pagination

Scratch that...use the Google Sheets API

Just generating a json file from Google Sheets was not good enough. I had to use the API.

Categories: Data CascadeGlobal DataNetlifyRemote Data

The evolution of my CSS pipeline in Eleventy (part 2)

Evolution is a continuous phenomenon.

Categories: CSS/Sass

The evolution of my CSS pipeline in Eleventy (part 1)

Handling CSS in Eleventy has been an evolutionary experience.

Categories: CSS/Sass

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