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Configuration — Eleventy

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Eleventy WebC in a nutshell

Categories: Configuration  Layouts  Plugins  WebC  

11ty and Observable

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Eleventy Excellent demo branches

Frontend developer based in Madrid. I enjoy working with Jamstack, vanilla Javascript and modern...

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Pagination  

Cleaning up the 11ty config

The eleventy config file can get cluttered quickly so I cleaned mine up

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Clean Up Your Config File

MooseDog Studios - Where Convention Takes A Back Seat To Quality

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

TinaCMS + 11ty

Taking a deep dive into setting up a CMS for my static site with TinaCMS

Categories: Blogging  CMS  Configuration  Deployment  How to...  

Making a lighthouse-fast website with a static site generator like 11ty

Creating an SSG flow to generate a highly optimized static website.

Categories: Configuration  CSS/Sass  How to...  Images  Social Media  

Build a Blogroll with Eleventy

A step-by-step guide to adding a blogroll, complete with each blog's latest posts, to your Eleventy...

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Data Cascade  How to...  Remote Data  

CloudCannon + Eleventy

Getting CloudCannon setup with your Eleventy project is easier than you think

Categories: Collections  Configuration  Deployment  How to...  

Flickerless dark mode in 11ty with Tailwind CSS

Just a couple of days ago, I was about to rebuild my portfolio website from scratch. Then, as a......

Categories: Configuration  CSS/Sass  How to...  

11ty draft posts - Set up a draft system in 11ty

Setting a post to draft in 11ty while writing

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Build your own 11ty starter

If you want to build a website quickly then 11ty is a great tool. Here is how I set up my starter...

Categories: Configuration  Getting Started  How to...  

How I set up lastmod date in my 11ty xml sitemap

Google now want an accurate lastmod date in the xml sitemap. Here is how I set it up in my 11ty...

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Introducing: 11ty with reasonable defaults

TL;DR Initialize your 11ty projects with reasonable defaults: npm install -g yo npm... Tagged...

Categories: Configuration  

Generating CSS with PostCSS and eleventy.before

I'm trying to keep the setup of my personal projects as simple as possible. Today, we're looking at...

Categories: Configuration  CSS/Sass  How to...  

Integrating JSON-LD Into Your Eleventy Pages

MooseDog Studios - Where Convention Takes A Back Seat To Quality

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Meta Description and Keywords in Eleventy

This article describes how I added HTML Keywords to an Eleventy site.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

New Blog Same as the Old Blog

Details about my site rebuild.

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  

Displaying Build Details in an Eleventy Site

I leveraged some old code to add the ability to capture build details and save them with a project....

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Hiding drafts and future posts in Eleventy.js

JavaScript software development tips, strategies for salary negotiation, and other helpful advice...

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

External Asset Pipeline with Eleventy

I like to use NPM scripts for my asset pipeline instead of using Eleventy to generate assets and...

Categories: Asset Pipelines  Configuration  

Using Eleventy filters in Directory Computed Data

Eleventy Computed Data makes it easy to reuse your filters outside of your templates.

Categories: Configuration  Data Cascade  Filters  

Organizing the Eleventy config file

Eleventy lets you create a file called eleventy.js to configure the SSG to your own project’s needs....

Categories: Configuration  

Why I built my own Vue plugin for Eleventy

Why and how I built my own Vue plugin for Eleventy.

Categories: Configuration  Plugins  

Support Draft Blog Posts in Eleventy

A look at various ways of supporting draft posts with Eleventy

Categories: Collections  Configuration  How to...  

You should add a generator tag to your Eleventy site

Hear me out on this one, I've got a short but sensible list as to why.

Categories: Configuration  

Generate a sitemap for your Eleventy website

How to create a sitemap for your static website built with Eleventy. Tagged with eleventy, sitemap,...

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Eleventy + Vue 3

Tips and tricks for using Vue 3 Single File Components as templates for Eleventy.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Plugins  

11ty tips I wish I knew from the start

David East's personal site full of blog posts and stuff.

Categories: Configuration  Data Cascade  Getting Started  Navigation  

Just Enough JavaScript for Eleventy

Want to try Eleventy, but not very experienced in JavaScript yet? You're in the right place.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Managing a secrets directory in your eleventy site

A personal blog where I write about my side projects

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Eleventy 1.0 - Dynamic Ignores

Eleventy 1.0's new support for dynamic file ignore settings.

Categories: Configuration  

Eleventy Hack/Tip/Possibly Bad Idea - Dynamic Theme Testing

How to test a new theme in an Eleventy site

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Inspecting an existing 11ty project

Great talk by Cassey Lottman

Categories: Configuration  Debugging  How to...  

An Adobe PDF Embed Plugin for Eleventy

Eleventy users can now add a PDF Embed plugin to their sites

Categories: Configuration  Global Data  How to...  Plugins  

Getting your bearings in an existing Eleventy project

Questions to ask to start making changes quickly

Categories: Configuration  

npx eleventy !== npx @11ty/eleventy

Use the former at your own risk.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Building a Simple Image Gallery with Eleventy

Using the Image plugin with Eleventy to build a simple gallery

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Images  Plugins  

Create an Eleventy podcast feed

Want to add an iTunes and Google friendly podcast feed to your Eleventy site? Here's how.

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Filters  How to...  

Configure markdown footnotes in eleventy

Eleventy (11ty) Tutorial

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Markdown  

Using Pre-Built Lunr Indexes with Eleventy

Switching to Pre-Built Lunr indexes with Eleventy sites

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Search  

Give your Eleventy Site Superpowers with Environment Variables

Eleventy is increasing in popularity because it allows us to create nice, simple websites, but also...

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Building my personal site with Eleventy

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Getting Started  Layouts  Why Eleventy?  

Inlining scripts and styles in 11ty

I’m Kitty Giraudel, a non-binary trans frontend developer based in Berlin, focused on accessibility...

Categories: Configuration  CSS/Sass  

Using a folder other than posts/ with Eleventy

I don’t want to wrestle with overwrought Webpack configuration, write GraphQL queries for basic...

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Selecting Random Posts in Eleventy

A look at adding links to random pages in Eleventy

Categories: Configuration  Filters  How to...  

Setting up Homebrew, NPM and Eleventy on a fresh mac

Walking through setting up Homebrew on your Mac, so you can install NPM and Eleventy.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Add a generator meta tag to your Eleventy website

A generator meta tag is used to give some credit to the tools you use to build a plain HTML website....

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Building a website with a static site generator, part 3: Domain, Analytics and Forms

Once your website is up and running, it's time to get a professional looking domain, think about...

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Getting Started  

Adding Another Template Language to Eleventy

Father, husband, developer relations and web standards expert, and cat demo builder.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Checking (and Upgrading) Template Engines in Eleventy

How to check the version of embedded template engines in Eleventy

Categories: Configuration  Filters  How to...  

Adding a Last Edited Field to Eleventy

How to add a "Last Edited" value to Eleventy pages.

Categories: Collections  Configuration  Dates  How to...  

Code comfort: Eleventy and webpack

Some words about my Eleventy/webpack configuration.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr

Using Lunr to add client-site search to your static site

Categories: Collections  Configuration  Search