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8 posts by Cassey Lottman

Fetching & caching data from Airtable in my 11ty site

Using the Airtable.js library and Eleventy Fetch

Categories: How to...  Remote Data  

Using Sanity CMS to host an image gallery for an existing 11ty site

Sometimes it's too late for a starter project

Categories: CMS  How to...  

Just Enough JavaScript for Eleventy

Want to try Eleventy, but not very experienced in JavaScript yet? You're in the right place.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Dynamically choosing a data file to use in Eleventy templates

What if I need _data/stuff.json sometimes and _data/thing.json other times?

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  

Converting a simple HTML site to use Eleventy

For when you're ready for a little templating fun

Categories: How to...  Migrating to Eleventy  

Using Nunjucks shortcodes in Markdown files in Eleventy

Unlock the power of Eleventy Image in your md posts

Categories: Markdown  Nunjucks/Macros  

Getting your bearings in an existing Eleventy project

Questions to ask to start making changes quickly

Categories: Configuration  

npx eleventy !== npx @11ty/eleventy

Use the former at your own risk.

Categories: Configuration  How to...