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VSCode Pasting 11ty Images

Creating content locally like a hosted editor

Categories: How to...  Images  Markdown  Plugins  

Excerpts for Eleventy: My Implementation

Excerpts for Eleventy: My Implementation 02 Oct 2023 | 4 minutes read #eleventy Converting my...

Categories: Blogging  Front Matter  How to...  Markdown  

Using Hugo archetypes with 11ty

Categories: How to...  Markdown  

11ty image shortcode best practice

Quick reminder to myself about how to use the 11ty shortcode for images

Categories: How to...  Images  Markdown  

My plugin for markdown-it: codewrap

My solution to adding "Copy" to markdown code blocks (and other things)

Categories: How to...  Markdown  

How I built my own excerpt for Markdown content in Eleventy

I was not really happy with Eleventy's native excerpt solution requiring just a separator and having...

Categories: Markdown  

Eleventy, Markdown, and Tailwind CSS

English software developer based in Seattle.

Categories: CSS/Sass  How to...  Markdown  

Adding Custom Anchors to Headings in Markdown - Eleventy

Anchors are nothing but id attributes applied to an element to link to it using href attribute...

Categories: How to...  Markdown  

Responsive Images in Markdown with Eleventy Image

I love markdown's simplicity and convenience, but sometimes you need a little more than the default...

Categories: How to...  Images  Markdown  

11ty quick tip: Nunjucks include in markdown without indentation

If you're not careful, included files are not correctly rendered.

Categories: Markdown  Nunjucks/Macros  

Using Nunjucks shortcodes in Markdown files in Eleventy

Unlock the power of Eleventy Image in your md posts

Categories: Markdown  Nunjucks/Macros  

A Remarkable Discovery

I switched from markdown-it to remark and I’m much happier for it.

Categories: How to...  Markdown  

Accessible anchor links with Markdown-it and Eleventy

I like to be able to link directly to a section in a long content. I wish every site provided anchor...

Categories: Accessibility  How to...  Markdown  

Configure markdown footnotes in eleventy

Eleventy (11ty) Tutorial

Categories: Configuration  How to...  Markdown  

Add HTML classes to 11ty markdown content

11ty comes with some useful plugins for markdown manipulation, one of these is... Tagged with 11ty,...

Categories: Markdown