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Quick Tip #011—Draft Posts using Computed Data — Eleventy

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11ty draft posts - Set up a draft system in 11ty

Setting a post to draft in 11ty while writing

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Hiding drafts and future posts in Eleventy.js

JavaScript software development tips, strategies for salary negotiation, and other helpful advice for navigating software as a career.

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Drafts and timestamp-based publishing in Eleventy

Exercise more control over when, and if, your posts appear.

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Support Draft Blog Posts in Eleventy

A look at various ways of supporting draft posts with Eleventy

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Post to Eleventy from iOS with Drafts, Shortcuts and Working Copy

A workflow to write and publish posts from iOS to an Eleventy blog using Drafts, Shortcuts, and Working Copy.

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Scheduled and draft 11ty posts

This post explains how you can add scheduled publishing to your 11ty blog (with a bonus for drafts). Before I jump in though, 11ty is a surprisingly simple sys…

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