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26 posts by Bryce Wray

Good news about CloudCannon and Eleventy

Not long after receiving a short-sighted shafting, my favorite JavaScript-based SSG and its creator...

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Time to move on from Nunjucks?

Here are some points to consider about how you should build and maintain Eleventy sites...

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Code for copying code: the Eleventy edition

Here’s a workaround for including “copy” buttons in code blocks built by Prism-based...

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

Which SSGs I recommend

Here’s a recap of my thoughts about the best tools for building and maintaining personal websites.

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Static Mastodon toots in Eleventy: the Tailwind CSS edition

For users of my favorite JS-based SSG, here’s an Eleventy version of the Tailwind-based...

Categories: CSS/Sass  Social Media  

Drafts and timestamp-based publishing in Eleventy

Exercise more control over when, and if, your posts appear.

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Shorter shortcuts through Nunjucks macros in Eleventy

While seeking a way to cut a three-line call down to one line, I found some great advice on using a...

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Word count and reading time in Eleventy

Want to give your readers an idea of what’s ahead? Here’s some code to make that no biggie.

Categories: How to...  

Cache-busting in Eleventy, take two

This time, a solution that really (?) works.

Categories: CSS/Sass  

Get good Git info from Eleventy, too

While per-page Git data is built into Hugo, a little code can bring it to Eleventy, as well.

Categories: How to...  

A truly fetching utility for Eleventy

While trying to make things work equally well in multiple repos, I discover the value of...

Categories: How to...  Remote Data  

Static embeds in Eleventy

In what could and perhaps should be the end of this saga, here’s code to provide static tweets and...

Categories: How to...  Social Media  

Fetching remote images with Eleventy

Following up on last month’s article about doing this in Hugo, we explain how to get there in a...

Categories: Images  Remote Data  

Eleventy plus Vite = elite

Re-bundling, but without the pain of webpack.

Categories: How to...  Plugins  

Using Eleventy’s official image plugin

The what, why, and how of Eleventy Image.

Categories: How to...  Images  

Tailwind-to-head with Eleventy

This follow-up to an earlier article about Hugo Pipes shows how to get internal CSS in an Eleventy...

Categories: CSS/Sass  How to...  

Eleventy and Hugo: comparing and contrasting

Trying to choose between the two best static site generators? See if these points address your...

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Hashing out a cache-busting fix for Eleventy

Some of the code behind my previous post.

Categories: CSS/Sass  

Using PostCSS for cache-busting in Eleventy

Optimizing how browsers handle your site’s CSS, and why you should care about that.

Categories: CSS/Sass  How to...  

Chasing 100: tips for optimizing your website

It takes work, but making your website better is worth it.

Categories: Performance  

Going solo with Eleventy

Losing webpack, regaining Tailwind CSS.

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Webmentions in three SSGs: Part 1

The intro to a five-part series about incorporating webmentions into three different...

Categories: How to...  Webmentions  

The full .11ty.js monty

Going all-JavaScript with my Eleventy site.

Categories: How to...  

Back to Nunjucks for my Eleventy site

Why I’ve decided for now to backtrack from JavaScript-only templating in Eleventy.

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Code comfort: Eleventy and webpack

Some words about my Eleventy/webpack configuration.

Categories: Configuration  How to...  

Why I left Hugo for Eleventy

Only weeks after telling you I was sticking with Hugo, I switch to Eleventy: the whys...

Categories: Migrating to Eleventy  Why Eleventy?