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Automatically optimize your images with Eleventy Image and CloudCannon

Websites are becoming increasingly visual and we're adding more and more image content to our sites...

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Measure your website's performance with Speedlify

Zach Leatherman told me, I could add Lighthouse scores to my site's footer. And so I did.

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Optimizing for performance with Eleventy

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

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How Jampack optimizes our Eleventy website and improves performance

Jampack is a post-processing tool that takes the output of any static site generator and optimizes...

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Some Options for Timing Pages in Eleventy

Some experiments timing slow pages with Eleventy

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How I Doubled My Lighthouse Performance Score in One Night

I spent some time seeing if I could get my Lighthouse performance score up. Here's how I fared.

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Eleventy Progressive Web App

Catching the Eleventy Lighthouse obsession bug!

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Show off your Lighthouse scores as static HTML in Eleventy with the PageSpeed Insights API

The Eleventy community is often focused on performance in a way that you don't tend to see with...

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A high-performance blog template for 11ty

I'm excited to announce the beta-release of eleventy-high-performance-blog–a high-performance blog...

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Chasing 100: tips for optimizing your website

It takes work, but making your website better is worth it.

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Eleventy's New Performance Leaderboard

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

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