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Scratch that...use the Google Sheets API

Just generating a json file from Google Sheets was not good enough. I had to use the API.

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  Netlify  Remote Data  

Blogging on the Jamstack with Netlify & Eleventy

Looking to create a Headless Blog using the Jamstack? Here are all the steps you need to follow to...

Categories: Deployment  Netlify  

Rebuilding a PHP App using Isomorphic JavaScript with Eleventy & Netlify

Back in the early days of the iPhone, I created Tipr, a tip calculator that always produces a...

Categories: Edge Functions  Netlify  

Add Netlify CMS to an existing 11ty site

Learn to add Netlify CMS to an existing 11ty site to make editing your posts easier

Categories: CMS  How to...  Netlify  

Testing the Netlify Cache Plugin with Eleventy

An example of caching for Netlify with an Eleventy site

Categories: Data Cascade  Deployment  Netlify  

Minifying JS in Eleventy on production

This tutorial is written for the 11ty framework and we will be hosting the app on Netlify. Other......

Categories: How to...  Netlify  

Using the Netlify CMS locally

I have recently been building a few websites using Eleventy. This is a static site generator, built...

Categories: CMS  How to...  Netlify  

How to add Netlify CMS to an existing Eleventy project

I started coding again recently and I've been working on some personal projects in Eleventy. I...

Categories: CMS  How to...  Netlify  

Creating a Fast and Beautiful Portfolio Website using HTML, CSS, Eleventy and Netlify

Eleven years ago, in 2010, my personal website was minimal by every means. Relaunching in 2021...

Categories: CSS/Sass  Getting Started  Netlify  

Trigger a Netlify build every day with IFTTT

Trigger a Netlify Build Every Day with IFTTT — Eleventy

Categories: Deployment  Netlify  

Add Netlify Redirects and Headers to an Eleventy Project

What seems like a simple task can be a little tricky to get right with Eleventy. Learn how to add a...

Categories: How to...  Netlify  

Eleventy and Vue, a match made to power

Learn more about the new site tech stack. We've combined Eleventy and Vue, and...

Categories: Netlify  

Testing my Eleventy-website with Cypress and Netlify

Last time I wrote "this page is a repository consisting of some thrown-together and...

Categories: Deployment  How to...  Netlify  

Deploy a free Gatsby, Hugo, or Eleventy website template in 30 seconds

We’ve started a collection of quick-start website project templates. Whether you’re looking for a...

Categories: Deployment  Netlify