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Adding pagefind to my Eleventy personal site

I've been wanting to add search functionality to this site for a while. Pagefind made it simple.

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<pagefind-search> web component

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

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Using Wordpress as a headless CMS for Eleventy

How I avoided having to re-learn PHP and love Eleventy.

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Using PDFs with Algolia and Adobe PDF Extract API

A look at using Adobe's PDF Extract API to integrate with Algolia's Search APIs

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Adding client side search to a static site

Creating a site-search function that doesn't rely on external services

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Automating Algolia Index Updates

I added support for Algolia search to an Eleventy site, and this post describes a utility I created...

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Adding a basic search to a static site

A simple solution to having a search feature on a static website

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Implementing a search bar on my static website

A personal blog where I write about my side projects

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Building server-rendered search for static sites with 11ty Serverless, Netlify, and Algolia

Learn how to code progressive enhancement on the Jamstock with 11ty Serverless, Netlify, and...

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Adding Algolia search to an Eleventy site with Netlify

After months of struggles I finally found a relatively easy solution.

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More Work on Algolia and My Blog

An update to my fight to get search working right on my blog

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Using Lunr with Eleventy via Netlify Serverless Functions - Part Two

A followup to my post demonstrating using Lunr via serverless functions

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Using Lunr with Eleventy via Netlify Serverless Functions

A look at using Lunr on the server side with an Eleventy web site

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Integrating Navigation Search with Lunr and Eleventy

How to use navigation search forms and Lunr

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11ty Search

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Using Pre-Built Lunr Indexes with Eleventy

Switching to Pre-Built Lunr indexes with Eleventy sites

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Adding Algolia Search to Eleventy and Netlify

How I added Algolia Search to an Eleventy Site

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Adding Algolia Search to Eleventy and Netlify - Part Two

An update to my post on using Algolia with Eleventy

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Adding Search to your Eleventy Static Site with Lunr

Using Lunr to add client-site search to your static site

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Adding search to a Jamstack site

Using progressive enhancement, JavaScript and a static site generator to create site search...

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