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5 posts by Evan Sheehan

Easy Date and Time Formatting with Luxon

Two great tastes that taste great together

Categories: Dates  

Logging in Eleventy

How to use the debug package to output custom log messages alongside of Eleventy’s logs in your...

Categories: Debugging  How to...  

Includes and Macros

Comparing techniques for encapsulating HTML components in Nunjucks or Jinja2.

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Webmentions: Joining the IndieWeb

Webmentions are now live on the site, powered by! I've been meaning to do this for...

Categories: Webmentions  

Asset Pipelines in Eleventy

This is a clever trick (probably too clever) for setting up Eleventy to manage asset pipelines like...

Categories: Asset Pipelines  CSS/Sass  How to...