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Content Dates — Eleventy

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Grouping posts by year with nunjucks in Eleventy

Group by year in a clear and readable manner

Categories: Collections  Dates  Filters  How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  

Eleventy Date-only Filter

I noticed recently that the site's stats page displayed the first and last post dates with time...

Categories: Dates  Filters  

Sorting and Dating 11ty Posts by Name

Organize and automate your 11ty blog's post structure with ISO dates and some quick JavaScript.

Categories: Dates  How to...  

11ty: Index ALL the things!

Categories: Collections  Dates  Filters  Pagination  

Solving a date display issue in 11ty templates

I was getting the full UTC code and only needed the short date without time

Categories: Dates  

File Last Modified Is Available

MooseDog Studios - Where Convention Takes A Back Seat To Quality

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Easy Date and Time Formatting with Luxon

Two great tastes that taste great together

Categories: Dates  

Custom date formatting in Eleventy.js

JavaScript software development tips, strategies for salary negotiation, and other helpful advice...

Categories: Dates  

Automating Advent Calendar with Github Actions and Eleventy

Last year, I build an advent calendar using Eleventy and Github Actions. In this blog post, I tell...

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Better Looking Dates in Eleventy: Jan 01 2023 --> Jan 1st 2023

By default, the default readableDate in Eleventy will output dates like: Dec 03 2022. Let's do...

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Drafts and timestamp-based publishing in Eleventy

Exercise more control over when, and if, your posts appear.

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Quick LiquidJS + Eleventy Example - All Posts

Some quick things I learned about Liquid when building an "All Posts" page.

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Related Content by Day of Year in Eleventy

A demonstration of how to get content published on the same day in the past.

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Setting a timestamp for posts and RSS feeds in eleventy

Eleventy (11ty) Tutorial

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Time is on your side

The HTML time element is both useful and easy to use.

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Formatting dates nicely in 11ty with Luxon

Eleventy (11ty) Tutorial

Categories: Dates  How to...  

11ty Date Shortcodes and Filters

Use this shortcode and filter as a starting point for your date transformation needs.

Categories: Dates  Filters  How to...  

Fix DST Dates in Eleventy

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Dates in Eleventy

Bernard Nijenhuis • Front-end Developer • Katwijk, The Netherlands • Father of 3 kids • Husband to 1...

Categories: Dates  

Group posts by year in Eleventy

Using a custom 11ty collection to group post by any attribute.

Categories: Collections  Dates  How to...  

Grouping blog posts by year in Eleventy

Create an archive page grouped by year (or anything you want!) using 11ty's built in pagination and...

Categories: Blogging  Dates  How to...  Pagination  

Tracking Posts by Week in Eleventy

A quick hack to get the number of posts written per week in Eleventy

Categories: Dates  How to...  

Adding a Last Edited Field to Eleventy

How to add a "Last Edited" value to Eleventy pages.

Categories: Collections  Configuration  Dates  How to...