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Template Language—Nunjucks — Eleventy

16 posts in 'Nunjucks/Macros'

Grouping posts by year with nunjucks in Eleventy

Group by year in a clear and readable manner

Categories: Collections  Dates  Filters  How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  

From Nunjucks to Liquid

Changing the template language from nunjucks to Liquid in my eleventy project

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Time to move on from Nunjucks?

Here are some points to consider about how you should build and maintain Eleventy sites...

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

11ty, nunjucks, tag counts

Using nunjucks to get the count of the posts for a tag.

Categories: How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  

Creating link tags with a data file and Nunjucks, using Eleventy

Kevin is a designer who crafts digital products and experiences.

Categories: How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  

Shorter shortcuts through Nunjucks macros in Eleventy

While seeking a way to cut a three-line call down to one line, I found some great advice on using a...

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

11ty quick tip: Nunjucks include in markdown without indentation

If you're not careful, included files are not correctly rendered.

Categories: Markdown  Nunjucks/Macros  

Using Storybook with Nunjucks components in Eleventy

The online journal of Ashur Cabrera.

Categories: How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  

Includes and Macros

Comparing techniques for encapsulating HTML components in Nunjucks or Jinja2.

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Modular code with Nunjucks and Eleventy

These days, web development and design are all about modularization and components. Template...

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Using Nunjucks shortcodes in Markdown files in Eleventy

Unlock the power of Eleventy Image in your md posts

Categories: Markdown  Nunjucks/Macros  

Encapsulated Eleventy/Nunjucks components with macros

How to pass parameters to an include in Nunjucks

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Back to Nunjucks for my Eleventy site

Why I’ve decided for now to backtrack from JavaScript-only templating in Eleventy.

Categories: Nunjucks/Macros  

Twitter Cards with Nunjucks and 11ty

Using cards makes sharing your content on Twitter look much nicer.

Categories: How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  Social Media