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Generating Eleventy Post Descriptions Using Generative AI

Using Generative AI to automatically generate post descriptions is a great way to save time and ensure consistency across your site. By leveraging tools like ChatGPT, you can quickly create engaging summaries that entice readers to click through and read more. The Describer GenAI extension for Visual Studio Code simplifies this process, allowing you to effortlessly generate descriptions for your articles with just a few clicks. With the ability to customize settings and easily integrate the generated descriptions into your site, this tool is a valuable asset for content creators looking to streamline their workflow.

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Automate Your Static Site Rebuilds with Netlify Scheduled Functions

Effortlessly automate regular website updates for your static site using Netlify scheduled functions. Set it and forget it - never worry about manual updates again!

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Eleventy excerpts

Everybody seems to implement their own way of generating post excerpts in Eleventy, and here's mine.

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The "IndieWeb" feels like coming home

I moved this site to Eleventy hosted on Neocities and as a result I'm having fun with my website again!

Categories: BloggingGetting StartedMigrating to Eleventy

Group posts by year in Eleventy.js

JavaScript software development tips, strategies for salary negotiation, and other helpful advice for navigating software as a career.

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I archived my tweets

Thoughts on archiving and restoration as it relates to my Twitter feed.

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Eleventy - Group posts by year

Let's create a blog with posts grouped by year in descending order. This is actually tricky to pull off!

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A roundup of recent updates to my website

Where i describe the recent updates to the kinds of content you'll find on my website

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THE Eleventy Meetup Feb 20th

We had a lovely meetup with the Eleventy community. I talked about building meetup community sites utilizing Global Data Files and Robb talked about how he builds his website with Eleventy, pulling data in from various sources.

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Using Eleventy to Gobble Up Everything I Do Online

A blog post about how my site works based on a talk I did at the Eleventy meetup

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Added Folder Selection to My New Post Utility

Added an enhancement to my Eleventy New Post utility to support choosing the target folder during post creation.

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Creating an OPML File for my Blogroll

How I'm creating OPML files for my blog, and pod, rolls so people can subscribe to all of the sites in one go

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Cloudflare Pages Cron Deploys

Scheduling static site deploys daily

Categories: BloggingDeploymentRemote DataWebmentions

How to automatically generate a new boilerplate-post with inquirer

This article is about: How I automated the creation of the boilerplate with frontmatter

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How to host a 11ty-site on a Raspberry Pi

This article is about: How I am hosting my blog on a Raspberry Pi for almost no money

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Adding Decap CMS to 11ty

One person is typing.

Categories: BloggingCMSConfigurationHow to...Plugins

Frontmatter Templates for New Blog Posts

In VS Code, using Snippets

Categories: BloggingFront Matter

How I use Readwise Reader to post and share links.

Categories: BloggingHow to...Remote Data

Hiding Future Posts in Eleventy

Describes how to hide posts with a future publishing date in an Eleventy site.

Categories: BloggingConfigurationGlobal DataHow to...Plugins

My 11ty Plugins

A list of plugins that I have written for the eleventy static site generator.

Categories: BloggingPlugins

Creating a complete RSS feed

This article is about: How I created a complete RSS-Feed

Categories: BloggingHow to...PluginsRSS

Generating a static blog with Eleventy

From 0 to minimal blog using 11ty. I tell you the steps I took to create the minimal technical basis for this website's content.

Categories: BloggingCollectionsConfigurationInternationalizationLayouts

Addition of Post Graphs to Stats page

Blog and general digital garden of the full stack programmer Simon Dann.

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Let’s create a microblog with visual editing using Bookshop and Eleventy

Visual editing is table stakes for a modern content management workflow.

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From Jason 2.0 is an 11ty-powered digital garden with multiple plots

A digital garden for a physical meat bag.

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Eleventy Excellent demo branches

Frontend developer and designer living in Madrid. I enjoy working with semantic HTML, vanilla Javascript and modern CSS.

Categories: BloggingConfigurationPagination

TinaCMS + 11ty

Taking a deep dive into setting up a CMS for my static site with TinaCMS

Categories: BloggingCMSConfigurationDeploymentHow to...

Migrating Blogger to Eleventy

Shifting into the future

Categories: Migrating to EleventyHow to...Blogging

Making a simple Eleventy blog template

If you’ve worked with TypeScript, React or Next odds are you’ve encountered an update that broke a... Tagged with frontend, css, html, tutorial.

Categories: BloggingCollectionsFront MatterHow to...Layouts

Excerpts for Eleventy: My Implementation

Converting my relatively basic personal website to Eleventy has shown me how challenging it is to build a static-site generator flexible...

Categories: BloggingHow to...Front MatterMarkdown

Building a Blogroll with 11ty

How I created a blogroll with 11ty based off of Ben Myers solution

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Build a Blogroll with Eleventy

A step-by-step guide to adding a blogroll, complete with each blog's latest posts, to your Eleventy site.

Categories: Data CascadeRemote DataHow to...ConfigurationBlogging

I Rebuilt My Blog and Didn't Write About It

Chris McLeod is a software developer with over 20 years of experience. Sometimes he writes about it.

Categories: BloggingWhy Eleventy?

i11g - Updating an Immutable Blog

Using IPFS, 11ty, and dAppling to create an easy to update blog hosted on IPFS.

Categories: BloggingGetting Started

Build a Blog with Eleventy (11ty) and Webiny Headless CMS

In this tutorial, we will build a blog site with Eleventy (11ty) and Webiny Headless CMS. We will look at how to set up Webiny and consume that data in a Eleventy (11ty) project.

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Add table of content in Eleventy markdown blog

First, install the markdown-it-anchor plugin to add ids to heading elements. Then use the eleventy-plugin-toc plugin to generate the table of content.

Categories: BloggingHow to...Markdown

Blogging with Eleventy

Adding a blog to this website (which you are now reading)

Categories: How to...Blogging

New Blog Same as the Old Blog

Details about my site rebuild.

Categories: BloggingConfiguration

Spellchecking my blog posts with cSpell

A little magic to help catch typos in your blog posts.

Categories: How to...Blogging

Alphabetising Glossary Terms

Blog and general digital garden of the full stack programmer Simon Dann.

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Update to My Eleventy Blog Guide

An update regarding my Eleventy blog guide.

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The posts below were published before the release of Eleventy v2.0.0 (Feb 8, 2023). Information in these posts may be out of date. The current stable release is 2.0.1. Eleventy v3.0 is currently under development and available for testing.

How to programmatically add tags to posts in 11ty

Blog and general digital garden of the full stack programmer Simon Dann.

Categories: BloggingCollectionsConfigurationHow to...Plugins

Adding stub posts

Blog and general digital garden of the full stack programmer Simon Dann.

Categories: BloggingHow to...

Blog and general digital garden of the full stack programmer Simon Dann.

Categories: BloggingConfigurationHow to...Markdown

Adding statistics to 11ty

Blog and general digital garden of the full stack programmer Simon Dann.

Categories: BloggingFilters

11 Top Eleventy Blog Themes (Starters) in 2023

This article takes a top ten list of blog themes and turns it up to eleven(ty).

Categories: Getting StartedBlogging

11ty time's the charm

Miguel Calderón. Software Engineer. I build software and lead teams.

Categories: BloggingWhy Eleventy?

Serverless blog with 11ty, GraphCMS and Firebase

The idea behind this experiment was to ignore modern practices: no Vercel and the complete React... Tagged with 11ty, eleventy, firebase, graphcms.

Categories: ServerlessHow to...Blogging

Automating some of the publishing steps for my Eleventy blog

Heres how I automated some of the tedious steps of publishing new posts on my Eleventy blog.

Categories: BloggingFront MatterHow to...

My complete blogging workflow

Here is my complete blogging workflow from how I manage ideas all the way to publishing and sharing.

Categories: BloggingHow to...ImagesFront Matter

Say hello to v4!

Eleventy came out with v1.0 so I rebuilt my site to celebrate.

Categories: Blogging

A Guide to Building a Blog in Eleventy

A guide that walks folks through the process of building a blog with Eleventy

Categories: BloggingHow to...Getting Started


The posts below were published before the release of Eleventy v1.0.0 (Jan 9, 2022). Information in these posts may be out of date. The current stable release is 2.0.1. Eleventy v3.0 is currently under development and available for testing.

Migrating This Blog From Jekyll to Eleventy

Jekyll has been powering this site for many years now. It replaced my WordPress setup, and I haven't looked back. Over the last few months, I have become fed up with Jekyll. It's slowing me down. Time to replace it with something new and shiny!

Categories: Migrating to EleventyBlogging

Moving a blog from Jekyll to Eleventy

This post walks through how to set up a blog with the Eleventy static site generator and deploy it using Netlify. We'll cover topics such as migrating from Jekyll, configuring and extending Eleventy, adding syntax highlighting, an RSS feed, a sitemap, SEO meta tags, privacy-friendly analytics, web fonts, and hosting images.

Categories: Migrating to EleventyBlogging

Create an Eleventy podcast feed

Want to add an iTunes and Google friendly podcast feed to your Eleventy site? Here's how.

Categories: FiltersBloggingHow to...Configuration

Grouping blog posts by year in Eleventy

Create an archive page grouped by year (or anything you want!) using 11ty's built in pagination and a modified collection.

Categories: PaginationDatesHow to...Blogging

Building my personal site with Eleventy

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: Getting StartedBloggingWhy Eleventy?ConfigurationLayouts

Add structured data annotations to Eleventy blog

Add structured data (JSON-LD) to enable rich snippets in Google search results.

Categories: How to...Data CascadeBlogging

A high-performance blog template for 11ty

I'm excited to announce the beta-release of eleventy-high-performance-blog–a high-performance blog template for 11ty based on this very...

Categories: BloggingPerformance

Building a blog with 11ty and Wordpress

When I decided to move to the Jamstack, I was sure that I wanted to build something with an API and since I'm quite familiar with WordPress and its API that was an easy choice. But what seemed to be an easy task has had its obstacles.

Categories: Blogging

How to show your template code in 11ty blog posts

If you write a technical blog and use 11ty as your static site generator of choice you might run into a conundrum: How do you show Liquid or Nunjucks template code in your code blocks.

Categories: How to...Blogging

Building a website with a static site generator, part 3: Domain, Analytics and Forms

Once your website is up and running, it's time to get a professional looking domain, think about analytics and collect data with forms.

Categories: Getting StartedBloggingConfiguration

Building a website with a static site generator, part 2: Eleventy

In this post, we're gonna take a deeper look into Eleventy which takes care of building the website by combining layout templates with blog post data from Markdown files.

Categories: Getting StartedGlobal DataLayoutsBlogging

Moving this blog from Jekyll to 11ty

A couple of gotchas but mostly very straightforward

Categories: Migrating to EleventyBlogging

Building a website with a static site generator, part 1: Setup

In this blog series, we will build a static website using Eleventy, NetlifyCMS, GitHub and Netlify. In the first post, we set everything up and deploy a template page to make sure everything works.

Categories: Getting StartedDeploymentCMSBlogging

Build your own Blog from Scratch using Eleventy

Filament Group helps companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone

Categories: BloggingGetting Started

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