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Eleventy WebC in a nutshell

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11ty Quick Tip: Minify inline JavaScript in WebC

For when you need to minify your WebC JavaScript

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Under the hood

LostInBrittany's tech blog, reborn... again...

Categories: WebC  Why Eleventy?  

Eleventy components woes

So far so good, in part one we managed to do a very basic setup of a blog website sticking to...

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Eleventy Style Guide Generator with WebC Component Support

The simplicity and speed of Eleventy with the organization of a self documenting design system....

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WebC Declarative Shadow DOM Slot Workarounds

A cheeky hack to make <slot> elements work as expected in 11ty's WebC framework.

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Creating Bootstrap WebC Components in Eleventy

Using WebC to make working with Bootstrap simpler.

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Extending 11ty’s page variable

I’ve had my eye on Astro, so I thought I’d take it for a spin by re-building this here website. I...

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WebC First Impressions

Thoughts from my first attempt at understanding the new WebC framework from 11ty

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webc-starter-kit (Github repo)

A starter project for Eleventy (11ty) using WebC as a main template langage. Also includes opiniated...

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3 Methods for scoped styles in web components that work everywhere

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

Categories: CSS/Sass  WebC  

WebC Updates in Eleventy - Looping

A look at another new WebC feature - looping

Categories: WebC  

WebC Updates in Eleventy

Description of updates to WebC

Categories: WebC  

Using WebC for progressively-enhanced UI elements

Using WebC for progressively-enhanced UI elements - Lewis Dale

Categories: WebC  

Using JavaScript in a WebC Component

Father, husband, developer relations and web standards expert, and cat demo builder.

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Quick WebC Tip

How to enable better color coding for your WebC templates

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Quick Tip for Eleventy's WebC support

YouTube video

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Importing external components in WebC via NPM

The online journal of Ashur Cabrera.

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Eleventy 2.0 & WebC

I look at my experiences trying out Eleventy and its new Web Component language, webc.

Categories: WebC  

Exploring WebC

How to setup and create your first WebC component in a Nunjucks 11ty

Categories: WebC  

Building a YouTube Embed Web Component (both vanilla and WebC flavored)

A look at a simple YouTube embed component built in traditional web components and Eleventy's WebC...

Categories: WebC  YouTube  

My notes on Eleventy WebC components

WebC is a compiler for single file Web Components that brings first-class component model to...

Categories: WebC  

Understanding WebC Features and Concepts

WebC is an exciting addition to the 11ty ecosystem as it enables first-class components. Putting the...

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WebC, the latest addition to the Eleventy suite of technologies, is focused on making Web Components...

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First Experience Building with Eleventy's WebC Plugin

My first attempt working with Eleventy's new Web Component plugin

Categories: Plugins  WebC  

Introduction to WebC

What is WebC and what does it have to do with Eleventy?

Categories: WebC