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Eleventy WebC in a nutshell

Categories: Configuration  Layouts  Plugins  WebC  

Making a simple Eleventy blog template

If you’ve worked with TypeScript, React or Next odds are you’ve encountered an update that broke...

Categories: Blogging  Collections  Front Matter  How to...  Layouts  

Eleventy Layouts with Sizlate

Eleventy Layouts with Sizlate by Simon McManus

Categories: Layouts  

Eleventy Custom Content Type Collections and Layouts

How-to on creating separate collections and layouts for a custom content type. In this case:...

Categories: Collections  Layouts  

How to use Vue to template your Eleventy projects

If you like using Eleventy, but would love to leverage Vue syntax in your templates, here's a guide...

Categories: Layouts  

Using Liquid Blocks in Eleventy Layouts

A look at using multiple blocks and having them render in Liquid templates

Categories: How to...  Layouts  

Eleventy and template extends

A quirk detail about how Elevent handles extending a Nunjucks layout using template blocks.

Categories: Layouts  

RSS, a love letter and walkthrough for my Eleventy site

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: How to...  Layouts  Plugins  

Building my personal site with Eleventy

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Getting Started  Layouts  Why Eleventy?  

Building a website with a static site generator, part 2: Eleventy

In this post, we're gonna take a deeper look into Eleventy which takes care of building the website...

Categories: Blogging  Getting Started  Global Data  Layouts