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10 posts in 'Navigation'

Using Wordpress as a headless CMS for Eleventy

How I avoided having to re-learn PHP and love Eleventy.

Categories: CMS  Global Data  Navigation  Pagination  Remote Data  Search  

Building a photography website

The setup for sharing my photo gallery.

Categories: How to...  Images  Navigation  

Permalink-Driven Breadcrumbs in Eleventy

An approach to add a breadcrumb navigation to your Eleventy site, utilising the permalink structure

Categories: CSS/Sass  How to...  Navigation  

Setting active state on navigation with Eleventy

In creating my portfolio site, I wanted to have dynamic elements that would add/remove classes...

Categories: How to...  Navigation  

Eleventy Enhanced Pagination Navigation Buttons

After adding Previous and Next buttons to paginated pages in this site, I figured out a clean way to...

Categories: How to...  Navigation  

Nested navigation in Eleventy

Building a no-JS navigation menu with the details element.

Categories: Navigation  

11ty tips I wish I knew from the start

David East's personal site full of blog posts and stuff.

Categories: Configuration  Data Cascade  Getting Started  Navigation  

Integrating Navigation Search with Lunr and Eleventy

How to use navigation search forms and Lunr

Categories: How to...  Navigation  Search