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Generating Eleventy Post Descriptions Using Generative AI

Using Generative AI to automatically generate post descriptions is a great way to save time and ensure consistency across your site. By leveraging tools like ChatGPT, you can quickly create engaging summaries that entice readers to click through and read more. The Describer GenAI extension for Visual Studio Code simplifies this process, allowing you to effortlessly generate descriptions for your articles with just a few clicks. With the ability to customize settings and easily integrate the generated descriptions into your site, this tool is a valuable asset for content creators looking to streamline their workflow.

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Added Folder Selection to My New Post Utility

Added an enhancement to my Eleventy New Post utility to support choosing the target folder during post creation.

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Added Monthly Posts Heatmap To The Site

I added a Posts per Month heatmap to the site's Statistics page today.

Categories: Plugins

Hiding Future Posts in Eleventy

Describes how to hide posts with a future publishing date in an Eleventy site.

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Eleventy File List Plugin

Describes an Eleventy plugin I created that enables a site to display a list of downloadable files.

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Adding a GitHub Repository List to an Eleventy Site (part 2)

An extension of the previous post that shows how to add a list of GitHub repositories to this site using authenticated access to the GitHub REST API.

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December Updates to Eleventy Plugin Stats

I made some enhancements to my Eleventy Post Statistics plugin this month and this post describes the changes.

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Adding a GitHub Repository List to an Eleventy Site

I decided to add a list of GitHub repositories to this site; not because the site needs it, but because I wanted to learn how to do it. I built a quick and easy approach (with limitations) and this post describes how I did it.

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Eleventy Date-only Filter

I noticed recently that the site's stats page displayed the first and last post dates with time information even though the values only contained dates. I created a simple Eleventy Filter to trim them to date only with the format I wanted. This post shows how I did it.

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Eleventy Category Images

Describes a solution I implemented in this site to add Category-specific header images to posts. I modified my eleventy-generate-category-pages module to generate additional properties for the header images and some shortcodes to add the image and attribution to the site's pages.

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Added Content Stats to Eleventy Plugin Post Statistics

This post describes some new enhancements to my Eleventy Plugin Post Statistics plugin.

Categories: Plugins

Batching YAML Front Matter Updates

This article describes a command-line utility I created to do batch add/update to YAML front matter of all of the markdown files in a folder. This is especially helpful when working with static site generators (SSG).

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Updated Eleventy Post Stats Plugin

I published an update to my Eleventy Plugin Post Statistics plugin this morning and this article explains what changed.

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Eleventy Filter Parameters

How to add parameters to an Eleventy filter.

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Fixed Category Page Generation

I figured out how to get my Eleventy Generate Category Pages module working in an Eleventy build process.

Categories: Pagination

Generating Eleventy Category Pages Inside Eleventy Build

After my announcement of my command-line utility for generating Eleventy Paginated Category pages, I learned how to do this inside of Eleventy and need some help finishing it for general use.

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Eleventy Paginated Category Pages

Something I wanted to do with this site, but wasn't supported by Eleventy, is generate paginated pages of content for each category. This article explains how I solved this problem and how you can use it for your Eleventy site(s).

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Migrating This Site from Joomla To Eleventy

Describes the process I used to migrate a 14 year old Joomla site (this one) to Eleventy and the tools I created to simplify the process (that you can use in your Joomla to Eleventy migrations).

Categories: Migrating to Eleventy

Eleventy Displaying Posts from Another Site

I wanted to pull the most recent articles from an Eleventy site into another Eleventy site, so I wrote this article to explain how I did it.

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Generating Post Batches in Eleventy

This article describes a Node command-line utility I created to generate batches of new posts in an Eleventy site.

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Automating Eleventy Post Creation

Describes a utility I created to automate creating a new post in an Eleventy site.

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Eleventy Site Statistics

I wanted to add a statistics page to this site, so I created an Eleventy plugin to do it. This article describes how to use the plugin in your Eleventy site.

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Meta Description and Keywords in Eleventy

This article describes how I added HTML Keywords to an Eleventy site.

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Eleventy Extra Spaces in Category List

I noticed that the category lists on this site had an extra space before and after the comma and set out to fix it.

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Eleventy Enhanced Pagination Navigation Buttons

After adding Previous and Next buttons to paginated pages in this site, I figured out a clean way to add First and Last buttons as well and this post describes how I did it.

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Automating Algolia Index Updates

I added support for Algolia search to an Eleventy site, and this post describes a utility I created to help Eleventy site owners to automate updating their Algolia indices outside of the build process.

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Displaying Build Details in an Eleventy Site

I leveraged some old code to add the ability to capture build details and save them with a project. In this post, I describe the utility I created that allows you to easily display build information in an Eleventy site.

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