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5 posts by Sami Määttä

A custom collection to sort events with Eleventy

I made a custom collection with a filter to sort events by their custom date data.

Categories: CollectionsDatesFiltersFront MatterNunjucks/Macros

Eleventy Image problem with Netlify's build

I used wrong slashes in my source code, so Netlify's build step failed while using Eleventy Image.

Categories: DebuggingImagesPlugins

Math equations with Eleventy using TeXZilla

I demonstrate how to make MathML equations using LaTeX markup with TeXZilla.

Categories: FiltersHow to...


The posts below were published before the release of Eleventy v2.0.0 (Feb 8, 2023). Information in these posts may be out of date. The current stable release is 2.0.1. Eleventy v3.0 is currently under development and available for testing.

Getting Tailwind to work with Eleventy

Tackling Tailwind to work with Eleventy.

Categories: CSS/SassDebuggingHow to...

Building blocks for my first Eleventy site

Different choices that go into building an Eleventy website from scratch.

Categories: CSS/SassDatesDeploymentFiltersHow to...NavigationPaginationSocial Media

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