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Internationalization (i18n) — Eleventy

6 posts in 'Internationalization'

Internationalization with Eleventy 2.0 and Netlify

In this article, which I'm publishing along with a lightning talk at 2023, I explain how...

Categories: Internationalization  

I18n of URLs

Zach Leatherman asked what style of internationalization you'd prefer (explicit or implicit) and...

Categories: How to...  Internationalization  

Eleventy (11ty) setup for multilingual component-based flexible pages

How to setup Eleventy (11ty) static site generator to create landing pages or one page websites with...

Categories: How to...  Internationalization  

Internationalization And Localization For Static Sites

Internationalization and localization is more than just writing your content in multiple languages....

Categories: Internationalization  

Language switcher for multilingual JAMstack sites

Following my blogpost on multilingual websites with Eleventy, I had several questions about how to...

Categories: How to...  Internationalization