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Building with Eleventy

Re(re-re) building my personal site with Eleventy and web components

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The Future of 11ty (2024)

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

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Why I'm leaving Astro for 11ty

No description provided.

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Eleventy adoption guide: Overview, examples, and alternatives

Eleventy (11ty) is a compelling solution for developers seeking a straightforward, performance-oriented approach to static site generation.

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April 2024 Leilukin's Hub Overhaul with Eleventy

I rebuilt my website with the static site generator Eleventy in April 2024.

Categories: Migrating to EleventyWhy Eleventy? is a valid Eleventy project

Building website projects from the scratch with Eleventy is a delightful process in my experience because in the beginning, all you need is and you can then customise and add on top of it as much as you like.

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Version 3

I'll show you the true power of being third!

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10 Reasons Why Static Site Generators Are Perfect for Modern Web Development

Whether you're a startup founder, a small business owner, or part of a larger organisation, navigating the complexities of web development can be daunting. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where user experience reigns supreme and website performance can make or break your online success, finding the right approach to building and maintaining your web presence is critical.

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We're Running an 11ty Conference

We’re running an 11ty Conference! — Eleventy

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Why I Migrated My Newsletter From Substack to Eleventy and Buttondown

Today I've gone live with a new website and email newsletter platform for Cybercultural, my tech history newsletter that I started on Substack in 2019. What pushed me to migrate off Substack is its stance on hate content, which I personally object to. But over the past several months, I've…

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Eleventy Resume Builder

Despite searching the internet, I couldn't find a quick starter for my online resume project, not even on the official 11ty start page. Consequently, I decided to invest some time in creating one and making it available as a starter project for a broader audience.

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New year, new blog!

After 9 years of self-hosted WordPress on EC2, I'm finally converting my blog to Eleventy and deploying it to AWS serverless services with Ampt.

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I changed my mind, my CMS adventure

When I launched this site a few days ago I posted that I'd settled on Kirby as my CMS of choice. This wasn't exactly a spur of the moment thing, it's a system I've been dabbling with for quite a while.

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Migrating my site from NextJS to Eleventy

I recently migrated my website from NextJS to Eleventy.

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Calling All Courageous Canary Testers for Eleventy 3.0

Calling all courageous canary testers for Eleventy v3.0 — Eleventy

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Eleventy brings me joy

Ramblings about how and why I re-wrote this site completely soon after I first published it

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Eleventy vs. Next.js for static site generation

We evaluate Eleventy and Next.js and compare both static site generators for performance, developer experience, scalability, and ecosystem.

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Static Feedback #11: All About Eleventy

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

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Static Feedback #11: All About Eleventy

Static Feedback #11: All about Eleventy — Eleventy

Categories: Why Eleventy?YouTube

The tension and future of JAMstack

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

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I've switched to Eleventy: my thoughts

In this article, I will talk about why I switched, how I did it, and my thoughts about Eleventy as a new user.

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Eleventy and Storyblok - My perfect combination

In this article, I share why I choose this combination, hoping you also fall in love with them.

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Under the hood

LostInBrittany's tech blog, reborn... again...

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I love the idea of static site generators (sometimes known as SSGs or SSBs – static site builders). They eschew the complexity of modern CMSes such as Wordpress. Instead of server-side code and databases, a static site generator is a script that, when run, transforms a folder of text files and templates into HTML.

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What's that?

A short introduction why I started a blog and what you can expect here

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Technical Architecture

How to make your site generate more leads, increase revenue, and save on engineering. These are the best design principles to follow when creating a web system instead of a website. Brought to you by one of the world's best product studios.

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Migrating blog to a static site generator - 11ty versus Astro

Benefits, downsides and the whole journey of migrating to an SSG.

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I Rebuilt My Blog and Didn't Write About It

Chris McLeod is a software developer with over 20 years of experience. Sometimes he writes about it.

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Refactoring My Static Site in 2023

When I last redesigned, I was tired of my content management system. I already authored posts with Markdown and HTML, my…

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Good news about CloudCannon and Eleventy

Not long after receiving a short-sighted shafting, my favorite JavaScript-based SSG and its creator wind up in good and friendly hands.

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Bigg Announcement: Eleventy and CloudCannon

Big Announcement: Eleventy and CloudCannon! — Eleventy

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The Eleventy Community Survey Results (2023)

The Eleventy Community Survey Results (2023) — Eleventy

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Six Million NPM Downloads!

Six Million npm Downloads! — Eleventy

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Choosing a jamstack static site generator

Choosing a Jamstack Static Site Generator

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WordPress to Eleventy - Part 1, The Why

For years my personal website used WordPress, now it's using Eleventy and this is why

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The Need for Speed: Why Eleventy Leaves Bundlers Behind

Static site generator Eleventy recently released version 2.0, which includes support for web component files and a new dev server.

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What’s New in Eleventy 2: A Great SSG Just Got Better

Get up to speed with Eleventy 2.0, a popular, highly configurable SSG that's packed with new features to make web development even easier.

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Full-stack Web Apps Without React

There are a ton of options for full stack web frameworks that don't use React. Let's explore some of them and why they are each unique.

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New year, new me, new blog

I changed the design of my blog for the third time since its start in 2020.

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The posts below were published before the release of Eleventy v2.0.0 (Feb 8, 2023). Information in these posts may be out of date. The current stable release is 2.0.1. Eleventy v3.0 is currently under development and available for testing.

Which SSGs I recommend

Here’s a recap of my thoughts about the best tools for building and maintaining personal websites.

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Eleventy (11ty) - A simple and powerful static site generateor

Eleventy is rising in the ranks among static site generators ⚡ It is powerful, simple to use, and can help you achieve the coveted top Lighthouse performance score ⚡ Let’s dive into what else makes it unique

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An Introductory Guide to Eleventy

Here’s an introductory guide to Eleventy. Learn about its benefits, uses, and getting started. Host your 11ty static site with fast and secure

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Why I use Eleventy

High school student and open source developer.

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The next time you see me I will be Eleventy

Engineering Management, SQL, and a dash of front-end from NYC.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jamstack

How I came to build (a previous version of) this site on the Jamstack.

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6 Reasons I (Still) Love 11ty

Two years after launching my site with 11ty, it’s grown considerably, and yet I’m still in love with the tool.

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11ty time's the charm

Miguel Calderón. Software Engineer. I build software and lead teams.

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Powering the latest blog (here!) with 11ty

My favorite static site generator along with Tailwind UI to rebuild this very site.

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The posts below were published before the release of Eleventy v1.0.0 (Jan 9, 2022). Information in these posts may be out of date. The current stable release is 2.0.1. Eleventy v3.0 is currently under development and available for testing.

11ty: The Good, the Bad, and the... Possum?

An in-depth review of 11ty, an extensible static site generator written in Node that supports a variety of template languages.

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11ty Simplicity

Categories: Why Eleventy?

Why 11ty?

Categories: Why Eleventy?

Case Study: One year with Eleventy after leaving GatsbyJS

One year after I switched from GatsbyJS to Eleventy, In this post I recapped the process and wrote down how it is today working with Eleventy.

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Eleventy in eleven minutes

Image by I would like to share my opinionated path how I got started using. Table... Tagged with eleventy, thingsivelearned, blazingfast, staticsitegenerator.

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Going Beyond Static Sites With Eleventy

Eleventy includes features that allow exceeding the traditional limits of static. Learn how to leverage these features and think beyond static when using Eleventy.

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Eleventy and Hugo: comparing and contrasting

Trying to choose between the two best static site generators? See if these points address your personal hot buttons.

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Building my personal site with Eleventy

Power Platform Developer and all around cool guy

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What is Eleventy! With David Darnes (Audio)

We’re talking about Eleventy. What is it and how does it fit into your Jamstack workflow? Drew McLellan talks to Renaissance man David Darnes to find out.

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Why I love 11ty (and JAMstack) for building static sites...

It's been really hard to keep up with web development technologies over the past 10 years 🤔, but here's how 11ty and the JAMstack is helping me build static sites in a modern way. 👍. Tagged with webdev, eleventy, html, jamstack.

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Let's Learn Eleventy (11ty) - What is Eleventy?

This is the first part of the Let't Learn Eleventy series. We'll learn what is Eleventy and how to get started with it.

Categories: Why Eleventy?Getting Started

Your blog doesn’t need a JavaScript framework

Why I choose Eleventy over Gatsby for my new website

Categories: Why Eleventy?

Going solo with Eleventy

Losing webpack, regaining Tailwind CSS.

Categories: Why Eleventy?

The Emergency Website Kit

In cases of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. But existing (CMS) websites are often unable to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

Categories: How to...Why Eleventy? now powered by Eleventy!

Details on my migration to Eleventy

Categories: Migrating to EleventyWhy Eleventy?

Static site generators: Hugo vs Jekyll vs Gatsby vs 11ty

I have an obsession with SSGs, and Eleventy is my favourite (even better than Hugo, Jekyll, and Gatsby).

Categories: Why Eleventy?

Why I'm Digging Eleventy

Father, husband, developer relations and web standards expert, and cat demo builder.

Categories: Why Eleventy?Pagination

Why I left Hugo for Eleventy

Only weeks after telling you I was sticking with Hugo, I switch to Eleventy: the whys and wherefores.

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What I Like About Eleventy

Over the last month so, I’ve been working with Dr. Julian Jones to port some design system projects from Jekyll over to Eleventy, the feral possum of static site generators. Why undertake a whole replatforming initiative? Well, there were two primary issues we were trying to solve:

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