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9 posts by Clayton Errington

TinaCMS + 11ty

Taking a deep dive into setting up a CMS for my static site with TinaCMS

Categories: Blogging  CMS  Configuration  Deployment  How to...  

Scheduling Automatic Builds with Static Site Generators

Having a static site is great, but there could be times where you need to build your site on a...

Categories: Deployment  How to...  

Building a Blogroll with 11ty

How I created a blogroll with 11ty based off of Ben Myers solution

Categories: Blogging  How to...  

CloudCannon + Eleventy

Getting CloudCannon setup with your Eleventy project is easier than you think

Categories: Collections  Configuration  Deployment  How to...  

Using the Codeberg CI

Using Codeberg CI to build 11ty based static sites to push to Codeberg Pages

Categories: Deployment  How to...  

11ty, nunjucks, tag counts

Using nunjucks to get the count of the posts for a tag.

Categories: How to...  Nunjucks/Macros  

Adding a basic search to a static site

A simple solution to having a search feature on a static website

Categories: How to...  Search  

Website redesign with 11ty!

I have rewritten my website to utilize 11ty, and it was a lot of fun

Categories: Migrating to Eleventy  

Plop in Automation

How I use npm to automate the inner workings of my website and within other projects

Categories: How to...