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7 posts by Shiv J.M.

Farewell Netlify Large Media, Welcome eleventy-img

Not too complex once I had finished making my mistakes.

Categories: How to...  Images  

Automatically Generated Social Media Images with HTML, CSS, Eleventy & Puppeteer

Prettier previews, built with many moving parts.

Categories: How to...  Images  

When to Use Pagination in Eleventy

Contrasting pagination and looping, with examples and a reference image.

Categories: Pagination  

How I Create an Article Series in Eleventy

Front matter, templates, collections, and JavaScript.

Categories: How to...  

A Remarkable Discovery

I switched from markdown-it to remark and I’m much happier for it.

Categories: How to...  Markdown  

Archives & Permalinks

How I got the archive page permalinks right.

Categories: How to...  

How to Include PrismJS CSS Only When Required In Eleventy

How I set up Eleventy to avoid including unnecessary CSS.

Categories: CSS/Sass  How to...