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Issue 38 - Plugins, Virtual templates, Register for the 11ty conf, eleventeen starter update, 11feed, the Static Site Fan Club show, a redesign, a cool site...And 3 posts and 8 sites to see.

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Welcome to Issue 38 of the 11ty Bundle. 11ty, aka Eleventy, is a static site generator that is designed to be simple, flexible, and highly customizable. It is built on Node.js and allows developers to create websites by transforming templates and data into static HTML files. It supports multiple templating languages, including HTML, Markdown, Nunjucks, Liquid, and more, which gives developers the freedom to choose the languages they are most comfortable with or that best suit their project's needs.

While I'd been posting just about weekly so far this year, other priorities came up and there wasn't a lot of blog activity that I could detect around 11ty. That said, there's been plenty going on in 11ty-land. And here we go...

Plugins, Plugins, everywhere I track a lot of GitHub activity related to Eleventy and that includes the docs. There have been a lot of updates and improvements to the docs recently. There are too many to cover here, but I did see an update to two pages of the docs related to plugins. One is the page listing all of the official Eleventy plugins and the second is the page listing Community plugins. And if you've written a plugin and it's not listed, you can add yours to the list.

Virtual templates? Shipping with 3.0.0-canary.6: Configuration API method to create a content template (aka Virtual Templates). "This would allow automatic content creation in plugins (sitemap.xml, rss feeds, etc)."

Register for 11ty conference There's still time to register for the 11ty conference, a free, single-day, single-track, and completely virtual conference scheduled for May 9th.

Update to Ricky de Laveaga's eleventeen starter For those of you familiar with Ricky de Laveaga's eleventeen starter (code), he's done some updating. Here's what the demo site looks like.

CloudCannon's 11feed CloudCannon, has released 11feed, an open-source, self-hosted, minimal RSS reader built with the static site generator 11ty. It was written by Mike Neumegen, their CEO (and maybe others...I just don't know).

The Static Site Fan Club show On a related note, Mike and Zach have been doing a weekly show on Twitch called the Static Site Fan Club. The 11feed project was conceived of on show. They talk about static site generators, web components, and more. It airs live on Wednesdays, with recordings available afterwards. Check it out.

Christopher Kirk Nielsen's redesign Chris did a redesign of his personal site and shares some of what he did under the hood. He covers using the canary release, the Eleventy plugin bundle, and a wide variety of other things. Check it out.

A cool site built with 11ty One of this week's sites is pretty cool with some nice animations on the home page. It's called Antithesis. They describe themselves as: "Antithesis is a continuous reliability platform that autonomously searches for problems in your software within a simulated environment. Every problem we find can be perfectly reproduced, allowing for efficient debugging of even the most complex problems."

And finally... Don't forget that you can get these posts delivered directly to your email inbox, or via RSS. I also put out a notification on my Mastodon account and on the Eleventy Discord server. To those of you who have already subscribed, thank you!

Until next time...

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