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Issue 3

Welcome to Issue 3 of the 11ty Bundle, an occasional bundle of Eleventy releases, blog posts, sites, and resources.

UPDATED: 2023-04-18 - I have added descriptions to each of the blog post entries. These are extracted from the blog post page itself as provided by the post's author.

Since there are so many different topics covered the blog posts, I may start creating bundles that are focused on a particular topic; either that, or organize the list of posts by topic. And maybe, just maybe, I'll move all of this to a dedicated site (yes, I've already purchased a domain).

Recent releases

Eleventy WebC v0.11.3: WebC inside Declarative Shadow DOM

Single File Web Components. Contribute to 11ty/webc development by creating an account on GitHub.

Eleventy WebC v0.11.2: Fixes for slottable content

Single File Web Components. Contribute to 11ty/webc development by creating an account on GitHub.

Posts from around the web

A WebC-focused YouTube playlist

YouTube video

Categories: YouTube  

How Stable is Eleventy? (YouTube)

YouTube video

Categories: YouTube  

Working with CloudCannon and Eleventy - My Experience

My experience testing the CloudCannon CMS experience with Eleventy.

Categories: CMS  

3 Methods for scoped styles in web components that work everywhere

A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

Categories: CSS/Sass  WebC's Partytown with 11ty

Exploring's partytown and integrating it with 11ty! It is nothing but a library which...

Categories: How to...  

WebC Updates in Eleventy - Looping

A look at another new WebC feature - looping

Categories: WebC  

GitLab CI Pipeline for Eleventy

I write about software development, continuous integration/delivery, GitLab, containers, Node.js,...

Categories: Deployment  

Adding a Table of Contents to dynamic content in 11ty

Code that introduces automated anchor links to headlines in Eleventy dynamic-loaded content....

Categories: How to...  

Rebuilding 11ty on a schedule

Automate the deployment of a website using Netlify and GitHub Actions at a specific time.

Categories: Deployment  

Rebuilding a PHP App using Isomorphic JavaScript with Eleventy & Netlify

Back in the early days of the iPhone, I created Tipr, a tip calculator that always produces a...

Categories: Edge Functions  Netlify  

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sorting Eleventy Global Data Files by Date

Step-by-step guide to date-based global data sorting in Eleventy, including automated by file last...

Categories: How to...  

Eleventy: Building an Image Gallery with CSS Grid and PhotoSwipe

Trying out CSS Grid’s new Masonry Layout, with a PhotoSwipe lightbox

Categories: Images  

Eleventy 2.0 & WebC

I look at my experiences trying out Eleventy and its new Web Component language, webc.

Categories: WebC  

Using Airtable as a Jamstack CMS

This site is an occasional record of Daniel Saunders' reading and writing.

Categories: Remote Data  

CSS and JavaScript as first-class citizens in Eleventy

When building websites on Eleventy, we often have to decide how to deal with the CSS and JavaScript...

Categories: CSS/Sass  

Adding a Stripe cart to a static Eleventy website with LiveState: Part 1

We solve digital problems through custom software development and design for the web—apps, mobile,...

Categories: How to...  

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jamstack

This site is an occasional record of Daniel Saunders' reading and writing.

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Make Eleventy the next thing you learn

Why looking at the Eleventy Static Site Generator is the logical next step when learning how to make...

Categories: Getting Started  

Built with Eleventy

Blake Leonard

A software developer with a passion for the powers, rights, and freedoms of users. Developer of...

Eleventy not so minimal blog starter

Build your own website + blog with the 'not so minimal blog starter' which uses the Eleventy static...

The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

The Vanilla JavaScript Repository

Jon Park

Yet another Web developer.

Sombriks Has A Plan

Vermont Beer Trail

A Comprehensive Mobile Reference of Vermont's Brewers and Their Communities

Vermont Cheese Makers

A Comprehensive Mobile Reference of Vermont's Cheese Makers and Their Communities

Kinopio Blog

What's new in Kinopio, the thinking canvas for building new ideas and solving hard problems

Eleventy Notes

A simple, lightweight, and flexible note-taking template for Eleventy.

Spencer Harston

The personal website of Spencer Harston


Here you can find my blog posts about web accessibility, my learning experiences, and other things...