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Issue 2

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Welcome to Issue 2 of the 11ty Bundle. 11ty, aka Eleventy, is a static site generator that is designed to be simple, flexible, and highly customizable. It is built on Node.js and allows developers to create websites by transforming templates and data into static HTML files. It supports multiple templating languages, including HTML, Markdown, Nunjucks, Liquid, and more, which gives developers the freedom to choose the languages they are most comfortable with or that best suit their project's needs.

UPDATED: 2023-04-18 - I have added descriptions to each of the release and blog post entries. These are extracted from the release or blog post page itself as provided by the author.

UPDATED: 2023-04-07 - Releases and Blog posts are now sorted in reverse chronological order. I've updated this and subsequent posts to use Airtable as a data source to ease the process of preparing new issues. This will also make it easier to support user-supplied content down the road.

Recent releases

Eleventy WebC v0.11.0: Child Components accessing Global Data

Single File Web Components. Contribute to 11ty/webc development by creating an account on GitHub.

Eleventy Image v3.10

Utility to perform build-time image transformations. - Release Eleventy Image v3.1.0: WebC...

Eleventy WebC v0.10.0

Adds support for WebC *.webc files to Eleventy. Contribute to 11ty/eleventy-plugin-webc development...

Posts from around the web

How I built my own excerpt for Markdown content in Eleventy

I was not really happy with Eleventy's native excerpt solution requiring just a separator and having the excerpt content preserved in the content, without any way to style it differently. So I tried different alternatives, and settled on a solution with some Markdown-it plugins and a bunch of regexes.

Categories: Markdown

Awesome Algolia Updates (and some fixes here...)

News about Algolia's free tier changes and some fixes here.

Categories: How to...

Blogging with Eleventy

Adding a blog to this website (which you are now reading)

Categories: How to...Blogging

The evolution of my CSS pipeline in Eleventy (part 2)

Evolution is a continuous phenomenon.

Categories: CSS/Sass

Migrating to Eleventy from AnchorCMS

How I migrated my old blog content from a defunct CMS to Eleventy.

Categories: Migrating to Eleventy

Spellchecking my blog posts with cSpell

A little magic to help catch typos in your blog posts.

Categories: How to...Blogging

Syncing Letterboxd Data to Markdown Files

Owning my Letterboxd data.

Categories: Remote Data

What’s New in Eleventy 2: A Great SSG Just Got Better

Get up to speed with Eleventy 2.0, a popular, highly configurable SSG that's packed with new features to make web development even easier.

Categories: Why Eleventy?

Scheduled Eleventy builds on Vercel with cron-triggered GitHub actions

In an effort to get away from client-side Javascript and embrace Eleventy for what it is (a static site generator), I've dropped my social-utils instance offline and my now-playing track display on my home page that still relied on it.

Categories: DeploymentScheduling

The evolution of my CSS pipeline in Eleventy (part 1)

Handling CSS in Eleventy has been an evolutionary experience.

Categories: CSS/Sass

Five Million npm Downloads

Five Million npm Downloads! — Eleventy

Categories: YouTube

Sass in Eleventy, with versioning

Adding support for code.scss/code files, complete with content hashes.

Categories: CSS/Sass

Slotted content in Eleventy

Fill slots in an HTML layout with chunks of Markdown content.

Categories: How to...

Internationalization with Eleventy 2.0 and Netlify

Along with a lightning talk at 2023, I explain how internationalization works with Eleventy 2.0, building out a simple starter project.

Categories: Internationalization

Using the Airtable API with Eleventy Collections

A detailed guide to building a reading list with the Airtable API and templated Eleventy data. Includes general guidance regarding personal access tokens and environment variables, relevant to most API projects.

Categories: Remote DataCollections

A Beginner's Guide to Eleventy - part two

Second part of a beginner's guide to eleventy

Categories: Getting Started

A Beginner's Guide to Eleventy - part one

First part of a beginner's guide to eleventy

Categories: Getting Started

Relational data in Eleventy

A pattern for handling many-to-many relationships.

Categories: Data Cascade

From Notion to Eleventy

Mostly frontend, sometimes art

Categories: Remote Data

Bringing your Notion database to life with Eleventy

How and why I combine Notion and Eleventy (11ty) to render my weekly feed stats on my website.

Categories: Remote Data

Some nice art and photography sites using Eleventy

Emily Leatherman

Emily Leatherman is a painter living in Brooklyn, NY.


My work, notes, musings and more. Some serious, some not.

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