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Issue 2

Welcome to Issue 2 of the 11ty Bundle, an occasional bundle of Eleventy releases, blog posts, sites, and resources.

UPDATED: 2023-04-18 - I have added descriptions to each of the release and blog post entries. These are extracted from the release or blog post page itself as provided by the author.

UPDATED: 2023-04-07 - Releases and Blog posts are now sorted in reverse chronological order. I've updated this and subsequent posts to use Airtable as a data source to ease the process of preparing new issues. This will also make it easier to support user-supplied content down the road.

Recent releases

Eleventy WebC v0.11.0: Child Components accessing Global Data

Single File Web Components. Contribute to 11ty/webc development by creating an account on GitHub.

Eleventy Image v3.10

Utility to perform build-time image transformations. - Release Eleventy Image v3.1.0: WebC...

Eleventy WebC v0.10.0

Adds support for WebC *.webc files to Eleventy. Contribute to 11ty/eleventy-plugin-webc development...

Posts from around the web

How I built my own excerpt for Markdown content in Eleventy

I was not really happy with Eleventy's native excerpt solution requiring just a separator and having...

Categories: Markdown  

Awesome Algolia Updates (and some fixes here...)

News about Algolia's free tier changes and some fixes here.

Categories: How to...  

Blogging with Eleventy

Adding a blog to this website (which you are now reading)

Categories: Blogging  How to...  

The evolution of my CSS pipeline in Eleventy (part 2)

Evolution is a continuous phenomenon.

Categories: CSS/Sass  

Spellchecking my blog posts with cSpell

A little magic to help catch typos in your blog posts.

Categories: Blogging  How to...  

Syncing Letterboxd Data to Markdown Files

Owning my Letterboxd data.

Categories: Remote Data  

What’s New in Eleventy 2: A Great SSG Just Got Better

Get up to speed with Eleventy 2.0, a popular, highly configurable SSG that's packed with new...

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Scheduled Eleventy builds on Vercel with cron-triggered GitHub actions

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

Categories: Deployment  

The evolution of my CSS pipeline in Eleventy (part 1)

Handling CSS in Eleventy has been an evolutionary experience.

Categories: CSS/Sass  


Five Million npm Downloads! — Eleventy

Categories: YouTube  

Sass in Eleventy, with versioning

Adding support for <code>.scss</code> files, complete with content hashes.

Categories: CSS/Sass  

Slotted content in Eleventy

Fill slots in an HTML layout with chunks of Markdown content.

Categories: How to...  

Internationalization with Eleventy 2.0 and Netlify

In this article, which I'm publishing along with a lightning talk at 2023, I explain how...

Categories: Internationalization  

Using the Airtable API with Eleventy Collections

A detailed guide to building a reading list with the Airtable API and templated Eleventy data....

Categories: Collections  Remote Data  

A Beginner's Guide to Eleventy - part two

Second part of a beginner's guide to eleventy

Categories: Getting Started  

A Beginner's Guide to Eleventy - part one

First part of a beginner's guide to eleventy

Categories: Getting Started  

Relational data in Eleventy

A pattern for handling many-to-many relationships.

Categories: Data Cascade  

From Notion to Eleventy

Mostly frontend, sometimes art

Categories: Remote Data  

Bringing your Notion database to life with Eleventy

How and why I combine Notion and Eleventy (11ty) to render my weekly feed stats on my website.

Categories: Remote Data  

Some nice art and photography sites using Eleventy

Emily Leatherman

Emily Leatherman is a painter living in Brooklyn, NY.


My work, notes, musings and more. Some serious, some not.

Nicolas Hoizey Photography

The photography portfolio of Nicolas Hoizey