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Issue 1

This is the first of an occasional roundup of Eleventy releases, related blog posts, and resources.

Why?, you ask.

I felt that there was so much happening in the world of Eleventy as I watch the Discord Server, Mastodon, and my RSS reader, it seemed appropriate to step back and put together a curated version of what I'm seeing in the hopes that others might find this useful.

Who knows, perhaps this belongs in an Eleventy newsletter of some sort. If you think so, feel free to drop me a line at bob dot monsour at gmail.

UPDATED: 2023-04-18 - I have added descriptions to each of the blog post entries. These are extracted from the blog post page itself as provided by the post's author.

UPDATED: 2023-04-07 - Releases and Blog posts are now sorted in reverse chronological order. I've updated this and subsequent posts to use Airtable as a data source to ease the process of preparing new issues. This will also make it easier to support user-supplied content down the road.

Recent releases

Eleventy WebC v0.10.1: New built-in webc.* helpers

Single File Web Components. Contribute to 11ty/webc development by creating an account on GitHub.

Eleventy Dev Server v1.0.4

A minimal generic web-development web server. Contribute to 11ty/eleventy-dev-server development by...

Eleventy Bundle Plugin v1.04

Little bundles of code, little bundles of joy. Contribute to 11ty/eleventy-plugin-bundle development...

Eleventy v2.0.1: a Bug Fix Release

A simpler site generator. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML. -...

Posts from around the web

Easy Date and Time Formatting with Luxon

Two great tastes that taste great together

Categories: Dates  

Lazy select-based pagination in Eleventy

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

Categories: Pagination  

Automate and syndicate content from Eleventy to Mastodon

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

Categories: Social Media  

Building my /now page using Eleventy

I'm a software developer in Camarillo, California. I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful family and...

Categories: Remote Data  

Smart Incremental Rebuilds With eleventyImport

Ensure templates that display content from collections, like a blog index, rebuild when associated...

Categories: How to...  

Supporting PDF Embeds in an Eleventy WebC Component

Adding support for the Adobe PDF Embed with an Eleventy WebC Component

Categories: How to...  

Upgrading to Eleventy 2.0.0

A step-by-step for an incredibly easy process, again.

Categories: How to...  

Taking Eleventy into the Spiderverse with eleventy-fetch

Let’s walk through the specifics of how to utilize the @eleventy/eleventy-fetch plugin to retrieve...

Categories: Data Cascade  Remote Data  

Extracting and using Critical CSS on my Eleventy site

This week I made some enhancements to extracting and implementing Critical CSS on my website that...

Categories: CSS/Sass  

Using WebC for progressively-enhanced UI elements

Using WebC for progressively-enhanced UI elements - Lewis Dale

Categories: WebC  

Eleventy Collection Schemas

Use this 11ty plugin to enforce a typed frontmatter schema for templates within an Eleventy...

Categories: Collections  

Using JavaScript in a WebC Component

Father, husband, developer relations and web standards expert, and cat demo builder.

Categories: WebC  

Adding Webmentions to Your Site

Categories: Webmentions  

Quick WebC Tip

How to enable better color coding for your WebC templates

Categories: WebC  

Building A Membership Site With 11ty

Do you want to offer exclusive content, but also have full control over the platform you use? With...

Categories: Edge Functions  How to...  

Why I use Eleventy

A blog on web development, etc.

Categories: Why Eleventy?  

Word count and reading time in Eleventy

Want to give your readers an idea of what’s ahead? Here’s some code to make that no biggie.

Categories: How to...  

I Finally Understand Eleventy's Data Cascade

Where does Eleventy get all of its data? Which data overrules other data? I've documented my whole...

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  

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