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Issue 49 - Zach's Eleventy Weekly Report №4, Add a view count and a like button to 11ty, A post about javascript array performance, A minimal v3 starter with ESM, A facelift here...And 7 posts, 1 starter, and 3 sites to see

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Welcome to Issue 49 of the 11ty Bundle. 11ty, aka Eleventy, is a "simpler static site generator" that is designed to be simple, flexible, and highly customizable. It is built on Node.js and allows developers to create websites by transforming templates and data into static HTML files. It supports multiple template languages, giving developers the freedom to choose the languages that best suit the needs of their project.

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Zach's Eleventy Weekly Report №4. Rather than put it into my own words, I thought I'd just share Zach's Mastodon post where he's been outlining his weekly progress on all things Eleventy.

Zach's weekly eleventy update number 4

Add a view count and a like button to 11ty One of this week's posts shows how to do this with serverless functions. It's written by someone that goes by the handle, Megaemce. Check it out.

A post about javascript array performance. Another of Megaemce's posts is about the performance of various ways of handling large javascript arrays. It's not directly related to Eleventy, but I thought it was worthy of sharing. It's titled "The fastest way to work with arrays".

A minimal v3 starter with ESM. Lene Saile has created a new minimal starter for Eleventy v3 that uses ESM. It uses CUBE CSS, Utopia, and Every Layout. Code is here and demo is here.

A facelift here. In case you didn't notice, I did a facelift on the home page here. It's now filled with some useful info rather than the descriptive about-type text that was there before. I moved that text to the actual about page. Now the home page shows the title of the most recent blog post (that would be this one as of today) along with three lists, each with 11 (yes, 11) of the most recent releases, the most recent posts from the Firehose, and the most recent sites built with Eleventy. I hope you find it helpful.

Until next time...

Recent releases

No new releases since the last issue.

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