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Issue 44 - 11ty Conference on YouTube, Integrate Eleventy with Mermaid, Keeping Out Dark Visitors, A Ghostly logo, Honoring her grandmother, Two new starters...And 10 posts and 13 sites to see

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Welcome to Issue 44 of the 11ty Bundle. 11ty, aka Eleventy, is a "simpler static site generator" that is designed to be simple, flexible, and highly customizable. It is built on Node.js and allows developers to create websites by transforming templates and data into static HTML files. It supports multiple template languages, giving developers the freedom to choose the languages that best suit the needs of their project.

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It's good to be back home, and to be coming off of the high from the 11ty Conference. Whew!

11ty Conference on YouTube. Here's a playlist of all the talks. It was a great event, and I'm looking forward to the next one. And here's the 5-minute personal sites montage that ran during the breaks. And then there's Zach's post, featuring his talk on The Future of 11ty (2024) along with the full slide deck.

Integrate Eleventy with Mermaid. I had to look it up, but Mermaid is a diagramming and charting tool. Kevin Gimbel has integrated it with Eleventy with a plugin.

Keeping Out Dark Visitors. If you want to block AI scrapers and crawlers without having to maintain your own robots.txt file, Shiv J.M. shows us how to generate one using the Dark Visitors API. Here's his blog post with the details. Note: Shiv is one of the most prolific helpers on the 11ty Discord server. If you need help and you're not going there for answers, you should seriously consider it.

A Ghostly logo. David Darnes collaborated with Robb Knight to create a new logo for David's Eleventy Ghost plugin. Take a ghost and add a red balloon!

Honoring her grandmother. Angela "Ge" Ricci developed a beautiful site to honor her grandmother, Beatriz Pichler Ricci, who recently passed away. It a blog of recipes going back to 2007. It's written in Portuguese, but you can use Google Translate to read it in English.

Two new starters. CloudCannon has released a starter called Campus Spark. It's "a single page website template built in Eleventy for education institutions." There's a rather rich live demo too. And David Keith released 11ty-multisite, "A starter project that demos configuring 11ty for multi-site support."

Finally, last week, I created was a new category called 11ty Conference. Upon further consideration, I've changed it to 11ty Conference 2024. We're all looking forward to the 2025 event already, right?

Until next time...

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Keeping Out Dark Visitors

One short data file and one tiny template to block all AI scrapers and crawlers.

May 14, 2024

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