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Issue 32 - 11ty Conference registration is open...Yet another great Eleventy Meetup...a What's the Future of Jamstack panel...And 13 posts, and 9 sites to see.

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Welcome to Issue 32 of the 11ty Bundle. 11ty, aka Eleventy, is a "simpler static site generator" that is designed to be simple, flexible, and highly customizable. It is built on Node.js and allows developers to create websites by transforming templates and data into static HTML files. It supports multiple template languages, giving developers the freedom to choose the languages that best suit the needs of their project.

Registration is now open for the May 9, 2024 11ty conference. See that button at the tippy-top of every page of this site? That takes you directly to the registration.

Today there was yet another Eleventy Meetup. The organizers are so good that the videos of each of the talks are already posted on YouTube:

Another event, held later today was an excellent panel discussion titled What's next for Jamstack...that's a link to the YouTube replay.

I wrote a post about some refactoring of some code on this site. It's called Refactoring by shortcode.

There were 2 side effects of my doing that.

  1. The post items that you see in places like the category listing pages or these blog posts now vary in height as I no longer limit the descriptions to 100 characters. I think it's helpful to have more info before you decide to click, or not. You'll see evidence in the post items listed below.

  2. I used the search here to see how many posts used the word Shortcode in their title. There were 8 of them, so now there is a category dedicated to Shortcodes.

That's all for now...until next time...

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Posts from around the web since the last Bundle issue

Refactor by shortcode

I decided to take on some overdue refactoring of the site. Here's what I did.

Feb 20, 2024

Categories: FiltersHow to...Nunjucks/MacrosShortcodes

Automatic Mastodon post embeds

I use Nicolas Hoizey's GitHub action to syndicate my web activity to Mastodon. Recently, I removed the display of webmentions from my posts after seeing Chris and Robb discuss some privacy concerns around them. Upon seeing David Darnes' mastodon-post web component, I've gone ahead and added it, conditionally, to the end of each of my posts.

Feb 20, 2024

Categories: DeploymentSocial MediaWebmentions

Using B2 as a JSON data store

My links page is powered by the Readwise Reader API but because there are, quite reasonably, rate limits in place, I've gone ahead and reduced the page count I fetch on each build and cached older link data from past builds in a B2 bucket.

Feb 19, 2024

Categories: Data CascadeGlobal DataHow to...Remote Data

@fec/eleventy-plugin-asset-pipeline: Better Cache Busting with Eleventy

I have created an Eleventy plugin to easily implement cache busting and asset handling.

Feb 18, 2024

Categories: Asset PipelinesHow to...Plugins

Update: Bookmarks Are Back

This website has a bookmarks directory now.

Feb 15, 2024

Categories: CollectionsHow to...

Eleventy - Differentiate between dev and production builds with unique favicons

It is easy to mix up the dev and production versions of a website in the browser. Let's make them look unique by using different favicons.

Feb 15, 2024

Categories: ConfigurationData CascadeDeploymentImages

Eleventy now support automatic transforms from local paths to output URLs right out of the box.

Feb 14, 2024

Categories: FiltersHow to...Plugins

Setting up image transforms in Eleventy

Eleventy added a transform option to process images in Eleventy v3.0.0-alpha.5 and Image v4.0.1 so, naturally, I had to set it up on my site. If you don't want to read this post, you can check out the full diff for the changes.

Feb 14, 2024

Categories: How to...ImagesPlugins

Keeping your Algolia search index up to date

Keeping your search index up to date as your content changes is critically important to ensure your search results return valid information. Here's how it's done.

Feb 12, 2024

Categories: ConfigurationHow to...Search

Top 11 free Eleventy themes for 2024

A curated list of the top 11 Eleventy themes on GitHub in 2024.

Jan 30, 2024

Categories: ConfigurationGetting StartedLayouts

Built with Eleventy

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Mike builds brands, campaigns, and websites that drive revenue.

Single-Serving Sites

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Kristoff Lalicki

The portfolio of developer & designer Kristoff Lalicki

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Bukmark Club

A collection of web pages from across the Internet that have a curated collection of bookmarks...

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Stephen Gower's personal web page.

Andy Bond

Andy Bond's personal website and blog.

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