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Issue 21 - A new mascot for 11ty...Another free hosting option...A new front matter option...And 10 posts and 6 sites to see.

Welcome to Issue 21 of the 11ty Bundle.

A new mascot for Eleventy

Say hello to our new little friend, created by David Neal, a very talented artist and long-time Eleventy enthusiast. If you have ideas for its name, please share them on Mastodon.

Eleventy mascot, a possum wearing large glasses

Another free hosting option

Kinsta, a hosting platform for web apps and sites has announced a free tier for hosting static sites, including support for Eleventy. According to the page describing the features, you can have up to 100 sites, 600 build minutes, and 100GB bandwidth per month per account, and automatic deploys based on pushes to your repositories. I have no dog in this fight, but wanted to share this announcement.

A new front matter option

In the upcoming 3.0 release, there will be a new feature that will be familar to folks using WebC. You can use arbitrary JavaScript in your front matter. You can read more about it in this GitHub discussion thread.

Until next time...

Recent releases

No new releases since the last issue.

Posts from around the web since the last Bundle issue

Using Wordpress as a headless CMS for Eleventy

How I avoided having to re-learn PHP and love Eleventy.

Categories: CMS  Global Data  Navigation  Pagination  Remote Data  Search  

From Jason 2.0 is an 11ty-powered digital garden with multiple plots

A digital garden for a physical meat bag.

Categories: Blogging  

Measure your website's performance with Speedlify

Zach Leatherman told me, I could add Lighthouse scores to my site's footer. And so I did.

Categories: Performance  

How to setup Agit CMS with your 11ty website

The hackable, local, markdown based CMS for the developer that doesn't want content management to be...

Categories: CMS  Front Matter  How to...  

Eleventy Date-only Filter

I noticed recently that the site's stats page displayed the first and last post dates with time...

Categories: Dates  Filters  

Pagination in a Javacsript template with Eleventy

Here I use a javascript template to generate json data files for selected categories of the...

Categories: How to...  Pagination  

Scratch that...use the Google Sheets API

Just generating a json file from Google Sheets was not good enough. I had to use the API.

Categories: Data Cascade  Global Data  Netlify  Remote Data  

Eleventy Excellent demo branches

Frontend developer based in Madrid. I enjoy working with Jamstack, vanilla Javascript and modern...

Categories: Blogging  Configuration  Pagination  

Under the hood

LostInBrittany's tech blog, reborn... again...

Categories: WebC  Why Eleventy?  

Built with Eleventy

Here are the new sites to see. If you want to see more sites, check out the Eleventy Leaderboards.


A web designer, developer and tinkerer from germay who does projects on the internet and writes a...

Christian Engel's personal blog about coding, spatial stuff and everything else

Justin Pinkney

Justin Pinkney's home on the web

My Digital Garden

An evolving set of notes by Synesthesia.

Adam J. Jolicoeur

The portfolio site for Adam Jolicoeur, User Experience Designer and Developer